BTN- Slam poetry

Summary- Blue            Facts- Purple

   Questions- Pink              Understanding- Black



This BTN was about Solli Raphael and how he got into slam poetry, what slam poetry is and why people like it.



  • Solli is 13 years old and wrote his first poem when he was 9.
  • He is the best performing poet in Australia.
  • He mostly writes about issues in our world.



  • Why do people like to compete in slam poetry competitions?
  • Who is the world champion at slam poetry?



  • I now understand why people compete in slam poetry, what it is and what its purpose is.

100wc- week 9 term 4

Prompt:   but they were exhausted

She knew they had to leave, they had only just escaped from the last encounter and she didn’t want to risk it again. They were dangerous people and she knew what they were capable of. She tried to get all the others up but they were exhausted. She said they were allies but she had to survive. She fled. She heard gunshots and screams in the distance and tears flooded her eyes. She had let them down and let them die. Her legs gave out. She collapsed at a small pond and lay there, motionless, praying they couldn’t find her. They didn’t and she was crowned the winner, hero. She didn’t feel like one though. She won because she killed, manipulated and let down her competition and friends. How is that a winner?