Imagery Poem- 7 rooms

The 7 rooms poem technique is:

  1. Place or experience
  2. What you see
  3. What you hear
  4. What you smell
  5. A question
  6. Your feelings
  7. Repeat 3 words for effect


I put all of that criteria together and created this poem. It’s about when I went on a holiday to Bali and was in the pool

during a sunset:


The pastel sky high above me

The water falling off the edge, splashing then seeping through the pebbles

Looking out to the green bush, empty

Why were there no cars or people?
Why was it just an endless field of trees and shrubs?

The orange sun behind the volcano looked like an eruption had occurred

The smell of chlorine lingered in the air merging with the sunset

The calm pastel sunset

The sunset filling the humid night sky

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