Valedictorian speech

All the year 6s were asked to write a valedictorian speech for graduation. Here it is:



Good evening parents, teachers and fellow graduates. Welcome to the 2018 MPPS year 6 graduation. When we were given the assignment of writing this speech I was wondering what the proper definition of a valedictorian is. A valedictorian is a student who delivers a speech summing up school life on behalf of the whole graduating class. I thought about that definition and thought how could we be left summing up our whole school life in just one speech. It would take another 7 years because there were many interesting things that happened to all us students everyday. So today I will just be summing some memories that were stand out. So as most of you know, tonight is a big night for us all. By the end of this week, we will have finished the first hill of the roller coaster that we call our lives.


Our lives are like a rollercoasters because the build-up of the first hill on the roller coaster, you are nervous of the journey ahead. That is just like prep & grade 1-2. The years where we made silly memories and loved playing duck duck goose. Even though some of us were not there we hear a lot about some of the standout moments back then like Senada’s crazy cash, like the year 2 sleepover or Friday fun. The time when we were excited for our buddies to come every week and see us. The times where we looked up to the older kids thinking that we want to grow up to be just like them and now we are those people and the younger kids look up to us. Those are some of the moments that we will definitely remember and have remembered for our primary school lives.


Now if there are a start and a finish of a roller coaster then there must be a middle. You feel excited; you know the end of the hill is near. That is 3-4. That is the time when we thought we were super old, we thought we were like grown-ups of primary school. We have many memories from then too. Getting our computers, like Dave’s songs, Candice’s dance for the concert in 2016, how we all went to Hogwarts and had potions class and the Queenscliff camp ANZAC slice. There have also been times back then when we think now of how silly our decisions were or what would have happened if it happened now with our new knowledge like the mysterious note in year 3 about Andreas class and how everyone was secretly blaming each other. We never knew who it turned out to be but overall those years were fun.


However, at every hill on a rollercoaster, there is an end. That end is a little scary but you know you are going to be just fine. That is like 5/6. In year five, I think a lot of us were nervous coming into it. Knowing that we were responsible for being a buddy with a prep, knowing that we would be going on five-day camps now, knowing that we had two years left attending Moonee Ponds primary school. We have had fun these two years as well like last years PT challenge and how there was actually no sculpture when we spent lots of time looking for it, how Santa gave us icy poles last year at the buddies excursion, the Canberra camp Questacon slide or like last year’s camp. It had many activities like sand boarding where we had distance competitions and my friend and I tied first. I liked caving and surfing, seal watching. It was great. It is sad that it is the end of the first hill but you know there are more to come.


I know that tonight even though a lot of us are excited to move on, deep down we feel nervous, deep down we are going to miss this school. It has given us so much. It’s given us new opportunities, helped us through our problems and most importantly given us friends we will remember, some we will be moving on with some we must say goodbye to. I know all of us are going on to high schools we will love and will learn a lot from but that doesn’t mean we will forget all the amazing opportunities MPPS has given us, like meeting Bill Shorten, like making pasta and passata sauce, like helping us through things we could not have managed on our own but most importantly for accepting who we are.


Although tonight is sad for a lot of us we need to accept and embrace that this is part of life and that we must move on but we will definitely remember each other. In about 15 years, though I think we all expect to see or hear about some familiar faces. I can just imagine going to the national ballet performance and seeing Sofia and Heidi, I can imagine Alexia being our future prime minister, a lot of the boys being famous soccer players Zedekai, Aaliyah & Pippa being popular artists but that’s only just a few talented people to list in the graduating class. We will all go on to do things we love and I am very confident we will all leave this school to make more memories and more fantastic dreams and goals and even if we fail I am confident that each and everyone one of us will persist after all ‘failure is the condiment that gives success its flavour.’


We will all also leave this school as a leader. Even though there are titles like school captain, green team captain and house captain grade six is a leadership role itself, you must be a role model, teach things to the younger kids of the school but I think now we are ready to give that job to the grade 5’s and move on to being preps again and going up and down a whole new hill. At the end of this week we will have finished the first hill of the roller coaster but we still have many to come, some will be hard, some won’t but all I’m sure of is that they will turn out to be successful and turn out to help make us the people we are going to be in the near future.


Now on behalf of all of the 2018 graduating class, we would like to thank the teachers for teaching us some important life skills, helping us prepare for high school and for helping prepare tonight. They have given us new knowledge, great encouragement and taught us the basics like adding, subtracting, spelling, reading, and much more. I would also like to thank our parents for helping us through thick and thin and also teaching us and preparing us for our lives ahead. Last but not least I would like to thank all the year 6’s. We have supported each other, helped each other and given each other memories we’ll never forget. Thank you MPPS for being a second home to us and we will never forget our primary school lives. To finish my speech tonight I would like to say a quote by Dr. Seuss ‘ you’re off to great places, today is your day, your mountain is waiting so get on your way.’

BTN- Solar system



Blue- Summary                Pink- Facts

Purple- questions            Black- Understanding


This video was about the solar system. It mostly covered facts about the 8 planets like how many moons they have, the extreme temperatures, how big or small they are, their atmosphere and much more. It also talked about asteroids and satellites. The video was packed with information and answered many of my questions I had about our solar system.


  • Jupiter is known for being the biggest planet in our solar system. It has a total of 67 moons and consists mostly of hydrogen and helium. Even though it is so much biger than earth it is considered tiny compared to the sun which takes up 99.86% of the mass in our solar system.
  • Neptune is one of the very cold planets and one of its years takes 164 earth years. It has 4 moons. It neighbouring planet, Uranus, is also quite cold and quite small. It has 27 moons.
  • Venus is the hottest planet and can be quite visible from earth. It has no moons. We are its neighbouring planet and we have one moon, mars is then next and it has 2 moons. I also learnt that there are 2 types of planets, terrestrial and gas giants.


  • Why do planets have different numbers of moons and why do the biggest planets have the most moons?
  • When were the facts about our solar system and its planets discovered and who discovered them?


  • I now understand a lot more about the planets in our solar system, the differences between other planets and earth and why many people are interested in this topic.

100WC- Term 4 Week 4

GOAL: My 100wc goal for this week was not tell a story but more lay it out like a lecture or speech.


Sometimes we describe life as unfair. It is unfair a lot of the time like when you desperately want a new t-shirt for your birthday but you get a pink frilly dress. Like when you ask your mum if she can get you something from the shops but she says no and then you say why and she says because I said so. Because is just an innocent, little, 7 letter word but it can have so much power over a conversation.

BTN- Mars Mission


Summary- Blue              Facts- Purple     

Questions- Pink             Understanding- Black


This Btn was about a robot called Curiosity. It has helped our understanding about Mars.


  1. The journey to Mars took 8 months
  2. They had 7 minutes to change the speed from 20,000km per hr to 0.
  3. It had a laser for protection


  1. Who created/invented it?
  2. When did NASA decide it was ready to be launched into space? 

I now understand why this machine was sent on the mission and how it helps our understanding of space.

Once- Book review


Once is a book based in the time when I was war between the jews and the Nazis. It takes you on journey with a young boy named Felix and you get to hear about his ups and downs, his allies and enemies and his near death experiences. Once lets you experience a big part of history and makes you feel like you are really there, fighting with Felix.

100wc- Term 4 Week 1

Prompt: … it reminded me of a time when…


People say the past is in the past. That the past didn’t matter. If you did a bad thing it stays in the past. If you do a good deed it stays in the past. But that’s not true. The deed lingers until another one is done. People remember the past. They say things like ‘it reminded me of a time when’ like it really matters to them. Because it does. If you helped someone five years ago it stays with you. It’s a memory. Why is the past in the past? Why are we supposed to forget the good?