BTN- Cyclone and Bushfire

Blue- Summary                      Purple- Facts

    Pink- Questions                       Black- Understanding


This week we did a herald sun kids instead of a BTN. It was about Australian cyclones/storms and bushfires. It focused on 2 particular events. The first one was tropical cyclone Marcus in Darwin. It destroyed homes, ripped trees out of the ground and destroyed power lines. The bushfire was in Bega showgrounds and burnt down a primary school.


  • Some of the biggest bushfires in NSW and Victoria have been believed to be caused by lightning strikes.
  • The cyclone happened in March 2018
  • Cyclone Yasi is the biggest cyclone that has come to Australia


  • What is the difference between a cyclone and a tornado?
  • What is the country that is most likely to have bushfires?


  • I now understand what a cyclone and bushfire is and some of the most serious ones that have occurred in Australia

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