100wc- Term 2 Week 3


She shouted frantically from the room next door. Alison ran into her mother’s room, discovering her sister drowning in her own tears. Beneath her was an unconscious mum. Alison ran down the block, through the misty paddock, to the hospital. She ran towards the lady in a crimson pantsuit. Alison gave the nurse all the information and together they ran back to Alison’s house. By the time they got there Alison’s sister was looking depressed and sad. Alison didn’t even have to hear it. She knew what had happened.

5 months later

Alison stared at her mum’s grave, dark bags under her eyes, dressed in rags.



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Recently in Australia we celebrated ANZAC day. ANZAC day is when we celebrate and commemorate the soldiers who fought in war against Gallipoli and sacrificed their lives for our country. This BTN was about an aboriginal boy named ANZAC. He is the 5th ANZAC in his family, named after his great, great grandfather. His great, great grandfather is the son of the hero in their family. Arthur ANZAC’s great x3 grandfather. Back when Arthur was alive aboriginal’s weren’t allowed to be apart of the army but Arthur was determined. He fought against Gallipoli and was one of the few that survived. His next war was against France. He sadly died and the family wasn’t notified until much later. 2 months ago ANZAC and his father were given Arthur’s medals that had been lost for decades.


  • Arthur was enlisted in the army in 1916
  • The date of the Gallipoli landing, the 25th of April, became known as Anzac 
  • In aboriginal culture, you must be buried once you died where you were born.


  • Why is it called ANZAC day?
  • Why is it only in Australia that we celebrate ANZAC day?


  • I now understand why ANZAC day is so important to some people, why we celebrate it and they history behind it.

100wc- Term 2 Week 2




“Guys, I found it,” yelled Joe. All 4 came hurdling towards him.

“Are you sure this is it,” Suzy asked. “It doesn’t look real.”

“Of course it’s real, look at the markings,” corrected Joe. They had been looking for hours to find the legs statue, and finally, they’d found it. Penny felt the intricate codes with her thumb, covered with dirt from looking so much. Harry translated them from differnt symbols to ‘the gold is found somewhere old.’

“Somewhere old,” repeated Joe.

“Yup,” said Penny. “Looks like that journey’s over, but this ones just started.”

BTN- Stephan Hawking


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This BTN was all about Stephen Hawking and some of his discoveries, flaws and recent death. Stephan is/was the smartest person in the world. He was known for physics and science. He mostly thought about and discovered space, black holes and how our universe started. When 21, Stephan was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease. He showed resilience and still continued with his studies and dreams.

  • He was known as the most brilliant theoretical physicist since Albert Einstein
  • He unfortunately died recently on 14th March 2018 at the age of 76
  • He has had roles in T.V. shows including the big bang theory, the simpsons and had a movie about his life made in 2014.


  • Why did the doctors doubt that he would live after he was diagnosed?
  • Did Stephan ever think when he was young that he be who he is now and how many people he has influenced?


  • I now understand how hard life must have been for Stephan, how many people he has influenced and how he will be remembered in this world.

100wc- Term 2 Week 1-

Prompt: Although he searched fast, he wasn’t making enough progress.

They cut the chain and paraded through the metal roller doors. As he slowly walked in they kneeled before his security and himself. He spoke very loudly, deeply and demanding. His words were clear, ‘get me the crate of gold or be-headed you shall be.’ It was every man for themselves. One young, teenage boy, Joe, was the slowest of them all. He had only looked at 3 crates. Although he searched quickly he was still not making enough progress. The sirens went off that moment. Everyone ran around the place unsure of what to do. Then Joe realised. Where had he gone. He’d left them, he’d only thought of himself.

Book Review- Has anyone seen Jessica Jenkins?

‘This book was about a teenager named Jessica. She and her best friend Izzy go on an adventure throughout the book. At the start Jessica finds out about her invisibility powers and tests them out in public. She then soon realises that she does not only have powers but she saves people with them. One day Jessica tries to turn invisible but can’t. It was then she realised that her powers only worked when she wore a special piece of jewellery her mum’s best friend, Nancy, gave her. Jessica wondered if Nancy knew about it or possibly made it do that. She tells Izzy and the two teens set out for a journey to the jewellery store. She asks the man who owns the shop about the necklace and where it came from. She noticed all of the other jewellery in the store and saw many other soft pink rose quartz’s attached to piece of delicate silver chain.’ This book could have included some more action and it is definitely written for an audience that like drama, mystery and adventure. This book is worth 4/5 because of the genre, the description and the imagination.