BTN- Federation


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This BTN was about federation. It explained how all 6 states in Australia came together to become one country. Back in late 1800’s- early 1900’s each state was considered its own country. They even had their own armies. Each state had different leaders and laws but a group of men wanted to change that. One of the men, Henry Parks, made a famous speech about federation- the push to unite the colonies as a single country. The state’s leaders agreed and they got to work. There were a few issues though: the richer states were afraid they’d have to share money with the poorer states, the small states were afraid they wouldn’t have a say in decisions and they couldn’t decide where the capital would be. It was soon worked out though and now Australia is one country.


  • Federation is a group of states with a central government but independence in internal affairs.
  • Australia has had 29 prime ministers since federation in 1901
  • In 1901, in Sydney’s Centennial Park the Commonwealth of Australia was proclaimed a Federation with six states (the Northern Territory and the ACT would come along a few years later).


  • Was there a vote to see if everyone is Australia wanted to be known as one country?
  • When did the group of people come up with the idea of all states coming together?


  • I now understand the history of federation in Australia and how we come to be one country.

BTN- Australia day


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This BTN was on Australia day. It explained how it was celebrated differently to the two different cultures, the English/ Australians and the aboriginals. To the English/ Australians it is a day of celebration and happiness. To the aboriginals it is a day of protest and they use the day to think about lost ancestors killed by the Europeans. Australia day is the day when It started as a celebration of the arrival of the First Fleet more than 200 years ago. On January 26th 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip landed in Camp Cove at Port Jackson, which was known as cadi to the Cadigal people. There is another special occasion on the eve of Australia day and that is the Australian of the Year awards presented by the prime minister. The awards are: Australian of the year, senior citizen of the year, young Australian of the year and local heroes.


  • Australia day is loved and hated
  • People celebrate it differently
  • It is celebrated because it marks the day that the Europeans found Australia


  • When did Australia day start being celebrated?
  • Who else discovered Australia with Captain Cook



  • I now understand the meaning of Australia day and that not all Australians celebrate the day.

100wc- Term 1 Week 5

Prompt: Ladder   Goldfish   Flew   Brown   Slowly


The ladder fell to the ground smashing a wooden bucket filled with old goldfish water. All the papers flew around the office causing all the employees to trip over each other and fall on the floor. Their boss stormed in clasping a brown book called ‘how to control anger for dummies.’ He yelled in rage as he pointed towards the exit firing everyone. Everyone slowly got up heading towards the door in an orderly fashion. The boss walked back to his office. He got on the phone with his phycologist.  “It happened again, I lost it.”

100WC- Term 1 Week 4

She was back. I could tell. Something was weird here and I’d figured it out. I thought we had got rid of her, sent her somewhere else. We built a barrier. How did she brake it? The witches were here and their leader, Maud Shadowsoul, had brought them here. They were doing all kinds of things. Locking doors on people, fast forwarding the day but worst of all… they were changing people into sticks!!! Stick people were everywhere. At the gym, eating at cafes and doing yoga at the park. I’m just glad I’m not one. Wait why are fingers made of… oh no


BTN- Democracy


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This BTN was about democracy. Democracy is an word made up of 2 ancient Greek words. DEMOS meaning people and KRATOS meaning power or rule. Democracy was made so people can have more of a say on big decisions. At first they didn’t let women vote, slaves vote or people too poor vote. Today democracy has changed dramatically. It is now a popular form of government around the world. Everyone can now vote. We can vote for Prime Minister and laws. There are different ways in different countries of how democracy works. Some countries use monarchy which is where kings and queens rule and people don’t get a say. Magna carta (previous BTN on it) changed that and made everything equal and right. Another form of government is dictatorship. It’s similar to monarchy but one leader have power over a country. They usually aren’t royal.


  • Democracy is a word that is made up of 2 ancient Greek words
  • Different countries use democracy in different ways
  • Some countries used monarchy as a way of deciding


  • Why didn’t they let women vote in Ancient Greece?
  • Why country have the same rules when it comes to democracy?


  • I now understand why democracy was made and why we use it.

Reading Reflection- LAURINDA by Alice Pung

Laurinda is a book about a Melbourne school-girl. She has just moved and is finding it hard to fit in. she doesn’t have a lot of money so she is there on a scholarship. The author described a lot of things well. My favourite description was when she entered the school. Here is the paragraph:

When dad dropped us off at the front gate, the first things I saw were the rose gardens spreading out on each side the main driveway and the enormous sign in iron cursive letters spelling out LAURINDA. No “Ladies college” after it, of course; the name was meant to speak for itself.


Laurinda is a great book. It’s funny, feisty and realistic.

BTN- Magna Carta





This BTN was about a king of England. King Richard was a wonderful king. But his brother, king John nicknamed bad john, was an unfair cruel king. Lionheart was king for 10 years but unfortunately died and England was left with bad john as ruler. John made bad decisions and only thought about himself. Everyone in England was unhappy.


The people decided to talk to john about how he was treating the country and wanted to let him know that he’s not the only boss. They put together some rules (that of course John dis-obeyed) and wrote them down on paper which is known as the Magna Carta.


  • The magna carta influenced many rulers of other countries
  • King John ruled from 1199-1216
  • King Richard was nicknamed lion heart


  • I want to know why John stopped ruling. Did he die like all of his older brothers or did he quit.
  • Why was he chosen as king. Why wasn’t either of sisters chosen to rule.



  • I now understand why the Magna Carta was made, its importance around the world and how many people and leaders its inspired.

SRC Application



Hi everyone.  I am standing in front of you today to give the reasons why I would be a worthy candidate for the student representative council. First of all, I have got some experience with being a leader. I have been a part of green team in 2016 that this year I am green team captain. I have never been S.R.C but I think it would be a great experience and what better year to do it than year 6. SRC’s are obviously chosen because they are committed. They turn up to every meeting and whenever they are needed. They are optimistic. They are thankful they were chosen for the role and have appositive attitude. They show collaboration. They work well with others, include everyone and never put anyone down. They show organisation. They are always organised and are on the job before you explain it. They show responsibility. They are responsible and they are role models. They show leadership. They are leaders of the school. Students look up to them. Now I know I’ve said they show these traits but truth be told they live them. I live them as well. I live all 6 of them. I’m organised, responsible… but I’ve forgotten one very important trait. They are trustworthy. Their class trusts them. They send them to meetings to find out about upcoming events and fundraisers. They send them to share the classes ideas. They send them because they trust them. Before I end my speech here is a short quote asking for your vote.

Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader.

They set out to make a change

Its never about the role but always about the goal.

100 word challenge: Week 3 term 1- WE WERE MOVING VERY FAST WHEN…



Their hair was flying in the rush of the wind. Their screams fading away by the sound of the engine roaring. They were moving very fast when the car started speeding out of control. This was getting out of hand. The top of the hill was getting closer by the second. As soon as the car reached it would go plummeting down the other side and into the ocean. The sirens were blurring in the background. They had to stop. The T.V. suddenly switched channels. We couldn’t watch the end of the car chase. “Dad,” we all groaned.

Letter to Libby no.2


Dear Libby,

I am super excited to be in your class for my last year of primary school. I am excited to be learning new skills in your class and hopefully have heaps of fun. Here’s a little about me:

I have one sister named Bella in year 4 and a golden Labrador named George. I have been at MPPS for 3 years now and it has been a really great experience. My best friend is Sofia and is also in our class this year. We have a lot of fun together and I am glad I will be with her for my last year. We are also going to the same high school with two other friends in other classes. We will be going to Academy of Mary immaculate.




I love to dance, play guitar and listen to music. I have been dancing since I was 4 and have been playing guitar since I was 5 . My favourite singer is Taylor Swift and also like Little mix. My favourite dance is Brittany Raymond from ‘ The Next Step’ and I went to one of her shows for my friends  party. Here’s a story of what happened before the party. Sofia and I were going to her dad’s restaurant to set up for our best friends party and we passed the arts centre where the next step were performing. Because Sofia and I were so early we saw the cast get out of their bus and we took a photo with Brittany



Over the holidays I went to Byron bay. It was super fun (apart from driving up there) and we had an awesome time. For the first two nights up in Byron bay, which were Christmas eve and Christmas, we stayed in a caravan park. It was cool but super hot. After that we stayed in a massive house with all of my family so that’s 10 people staying in one house. After we went to Sydney. Here are some photos of me and my family having a blast:



I know you’ll make this year super memorable for me and I hope we have lots of fun.


From Lucy