100wc- term 4 week 3

Goal: my goal for my 100wc this week was to show and not tell. I think I did that well.

Prompt: as the door slammed


The screaming echoed throughout the apartment. The arguing didn’t stop until midnight. As the door slammed I knew he was gone. I rushed down the empty street chasing after him but was gone. The road was empty all except for one car speeding around to the traffic lights.  He was in it. I ran onto the road. How could he leave us like that? How could he leave me like that? I jumped onto the car. He shouted so loud that I fell. I lay there, on the road. Alone.

100wc- Term 4 week 2

I stared at the water with an icy look on my face. It was the first time i’d seen it before the incident. I was swimming when all of a sudden I was pulled underwater. I don’t know what had a hold of me but I kept getting pulled in deeper and deeper. I was clueless. All of a sudden a big splash formed at the top of the blue water. Someone came to save me. I was pulled out and the boy informed me that i wa sbeing pulled by a shark.  I have now decided that won’t happen again so that’s why I’m not afraid to jump in…

100wc #term4 week 1

Prompt: Describe your most treasured item without actually giving it away

My most treasured item is short and has a big mouth. It plays basketball and loves to dance. It has two legs,two arms, one face and a body. It’s name is Bella and has lots of friends. It sometimes gets grumpy but happy in the end. It has brown eyes and a cute button nose. It sleeps at night and goes to school during the day. It just started tennis and gets over excited. She is my most treasured item and she is my little sister Bella