…when all of a sudden- 100 wc term 3 week 2


Mckenzie was visiting Luna park. She had fairy floss in her hand and was in line for the roller coaster.

“Next,” yelled the roller coaster worker. Mckenzie made her way up on the roller coaster when all of a sudden the worker stopped her.

“No food on the ride,” said the worker. Mckenzie quickly scoffed down her fairy floss and, before she knew it, was on the roller coaster. She suddenly felt really sick and wished she hadn’t eaten that fairy floss before the ride. Up and down and up and down. It kept going in all different directions. Oh no.

How to make slime




Ingredients                                          Materials

½ a cup of PVA glue                            Spoon

½ a cup of cornflour                             Bowl

¼ a cup of foam soap                           Measuring cup

¼ a cup of hand cream

¾ a cup of hot water

1 tsp borax

½ a cup of shaving cream



  1. Put PVA and shaving cream in bowl and stir.
  2. Add foam soap and hand cream. Mix thoroughly.
  3. Pour in cornflour. Leave mixture to rest. Whilst mixture is resting pour borax into hot water and let it dissolve.
  4. Add hot water and borax.
  5. Mix until it gets tough.
  6. Knead in in your hands until it turns into a slime form or what your happy with.

How to look after your slime

Keep your slime in a container and always wash hands after handling.


How to make it interesting

Add glitter  or food dye to make fun colours


100 word challenge- term 3 week 1



They sprung of the carousel like they’d meant to do it for centuries. As they galloped off into the sunset. One zoomed back it galloped around the carousel and went into the direction of the forest. All of the children laughed, cheered, cried. There were mixed emotions in the crowd. Security quickly came rushing in the direction the horses went. I wanted to tell them what had happened Isabel told me not to tell. She went inside the control centre and clicked the release button. She quickly hopped on one and rode of into the sunset on the back of Caramel.  As she left she yelled ‘ we’re free.’