Adapatations reflection




For term two our project was to choose a desert animal or plant and find out their adaptations. Adaptations are things that help a human, plant or animal survive. We were given and partner and had 4 weeks to work on it. My partner was going to America 2 weeks before the holidays so we had a lot less time than the other groups.  For our adaptations project my partner and I chose to do the boab tree. We chose the tree because it was quite interesting and we wanted to stand out as we were one of the two groups doing a plant. I really enjoyed working with my partner and I think we collaborated really well. We did have to present our presentation earlier than anyone else but it still went really well. I think we achieved a lot and marked off a lot of the high expectations on the rubric.



  • The spongy bark on it. The way it gets its water is when there is a rare rainfall. The bark absorbs the water like a sponge and that water will help it survive in the dry seasons which is really all of the seasons because in the conditions it is found in it doesn’t rain much.
  • Something else I found interesting is that the water in the trunk stays there for a long time and it can get bigger and bigger and not pop or explode. In the wet seasons it’s trunk is thinner because that is when the rain comes so it doesn’t need as much water.
  • The last fact that I found interesting was that the tree has only 8 species and 6 of them are found in Madagascar, not Africa. We also have 1 species in Australia.



  • That the boab tree is a very interesting tree and not a lot of people know about it when they should as it is a really cool tree and I really enjoyed writing a presentation about it.
  • Lastly the Boab Tree has flowers that open in the evening to get pollinated by: Fruit Bats and Moths and these two animals come out at night.



  • Where does the water go when the trunk doesn’t need all of the water as it does in the dry season?


What is the most important thing I have learnt:

The most important thing I have learnt throughout this process is working with your partner. At first my partner and I didn’t work that well together but once things started getting together we worked with each other and got along. We started communicating more and achieved something really great. Some of the ideas we came up with weren’t great but our science experiment was great. Our science experiment was to put an Okra seed and a Hibiscus seed into 4 cups. Two were salt water and two were fresh water. If the boab tree was in Africa and Madagascar, then one of the ways it could have travelled over to Australia is by the ocean. Our science experiment worked but one little change we could have made could be leaving the seeds in the water for longer.




How did I learn it:

This was really the first time I have worked in a partnership for a big project. I normally like to work independently. I think for one of the first times of being in a partnership we went pretty well. It did take quite a lot of work for us to collaborate really well but we did it and the finished product was great. I am really proud of what we achieved and I hope my partner is too. We made a really great presentation and we are both people who aren’t that confident and a bit shy but we did really well and I think we were definitely one of the best.



What am I going to do with what I have learnt:

I think that this project has been really helpful. In future I will know how to collaborate well and if I ever learn about the boab tree I will know a few facts already. This project has been really good for everyone and we now all know a lot of facts about the animal we studied and focused. Even listening to some of those presentations really gave me a lot of information. I think me and my partner did the right thing by choosing a plant because it was a challenge finding the adaptations and the behavioural and structural features and I love challenges, it was difficult but we completed it and we didn’t have that much time.

What me and my partner did well-

My partner and I  had a disadvantage and we realised that. We weren’t going to get the same about of time as all the other groups and we had to present first so when we got feedback other people would make sure they take that feedback on board and make sure they don’t make the same mistakes we did. To be honest we didn’t make humongous mistakes because we worked really well together. When you collaborate well you work well. And we really focused on making that work.




This project was super helpful and it really helped. I also learnt a few things I can improve on in future partnerships and this project was really fun and a great experience. Next time I work in a partnership I would like to collaborate more than just having jobs to do and then email each other what we’ve done. I think this project has taught everyone how important teamwork is and how much you have to collaborate to get a great finished product. I think me and my partner focused on these two things a lot and we really did achieve them.



Goal for next time-

My goal for next time is definitely to not worry about anything. Next time I work in a partnership I really need to realise I’m not the only one doing the work, that we have partners for a reason.




 What I could do better next time-

What I could do better next time is to not be so bossy and to not take charge because we were in a group and there is no leader in a group.

How to make pancakes


                                                                                                      *contains gluten and dairy


Ingredients                                       Materials

1 cup of flour                                           Measuring cups

¾ cup caster sugar                                  Bowl

40g butter (extra for frying)                  Frying pan

1 large egg                                                Microwave

½ tsp salt

1 tsp vanilla essence

1 tsp baking powder




  1. Put flour, sugar, baking powder and salt into bowl and mix thoroughly.
  2. Make a well in the centre and add egg and milk. Whisk carefully
  3. Melt your butter in microwave or frying pan and add it in pancake mixture with vanilla.
  4. Heat up frying pan and put in some extra butter to stop the pancake from sticking.
  5. Put a spoonsful of the mixture on frying pan and flip when it starts to bubble on top. Continue following this step until you have used up as much of the mixture as you like.
  6. Go crazy with toppings of your choice and enjoy😊😊😊

(to make confetti pancakes add m&m’s to batter or use chocolate chips)

Athletics day




On the 31st of May was athletics day. We ran races, cheered on our teams and had a great time. The winning house was banks. I don’t think anyone cared who won, I think everyone felt that they won because they were so proud of themselves and that is a huge personal achievement.

The day started off with everyone stepping nervously onto the bus and wearing heavy jackets!!! The house captains organised everyone into their houses and reminded us all of the events. As soon as I heard all of the events I was in I immediately started regretting coming to athletics. As soon as I started running I couldn’t stop. This was my second athletics day and I felt like I had been doing his for 6 years. after everyone had finished their 100m the prep-2’s came and started doing their little events.


The day was coming to end and everyone was finishing up their races.

The chants had all been performed and the parent’s teacher v house captains race was about to begin. Jodie (the P.E. teacher) was the first to run for the parent teacher team. Everyone knew she was fast but not that fast!! The house captains ended up winning and that’s when we knew the day was over. Everyone enjoyed the day and I hope everyone had fun.




Macarthur and Lawson = 1st

Banks = 2nd

Chisholm = 3rd



Banks = 1st

Chisholm = 2nd

Lawson = 3rd

Macarthur = 4th



Banks = 1st

Chisholm = 2nd

Macarthur =3rd

Lawson = 4


Banks =1st

Chisholm =2nd

Macarthur =3rd

Lawson =4th