BTN- Cyclone Debbie

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This video was about how the Queenslanders suffered from cyclone Debbie. The cyclone destroyed many homes and shops. Before the worst of the storm people stocked up on lots of basic essentials: Batteries, water and food. The storm was so bad people hid in their bathrooms for days with mattresses up against the doors and openings. After the storm, everyone got together and did a clean up. Emergency services helped too. Many houses were destroyed so thanks to the cyclone, it could cost people millions to re-build their houses. How long did cyclone Debbie come from? At what time is she estimated to come back?


A lot of Queenslanders are waiting for things to get back to normal as the clean-up is still going on. During the cyclone, shop owners put sandbags in front of their shops to protect the heavy wind and strong rain from getting in. Was there any life changing injuries caused by Debbie?


I now understand how much the Queenslanders suffered and how bad and unlucky it was for Debbie to come and change everything for them.

100 word challenge- week #12


It was winter. Autumn breeze turned into white snow. Humming birds turned into sparrows. Everything was changing, everything but me. I was the outcast, the loner. I fell behind. I appreciated earth. Unlike other kids. The popular kids. Everything was changing. I wasn’t prepared for it. What could I do. I appreciated every little thing about earth. I knelt to see a tiny ant rolling a strong raindrop. It was fascinating. They worked to survive. They made friends easily. They were part of a group. I wish my life was like that. If it was, I would finally be accepted.

100 word challenge #week10


“I swear; I didn’t do anything. I turned around then peered where they were and they had disappeared. I had nothing I repeat nothing to do with it.” the police were onto me. I had to prove them wrong. “let me get this straight. If I admit that I did it would you send me to jail?”

“Of course. So are you admitting it, asked the concerned police officer.

“NO!” I said immediately.

Just then we saw a young girl walk through the wall. She was the missing parents daughter. I wasn’t going to jail.YES