BTN= Anh Doh’s experience as a refugee from Vietnam



Blue= recalls

Purple= questions

pink = insights


 This video was about how Anh Doh, one of Australia’s favourite comedians, escaped Vietnam when he was 2 years old. Him and his family spent 5 days at sea before they arrived at Australia. He wrote a book about how his journey was and about his life story called “The Happiest Refugee.” Whilst on the trip over there were two pirate attacks. One of them threatened to throw one of Anh’s siblings off the boat and into the ocean. After 5 days at sea, a German ship came to the rescue and carried the Doh’s to safety. As soon as they arrived at Australia, the family fell in love with the country. Everyone was very welcoming. Even some nuns from St Vinnies came and gave them a big bag of clothes. Why were they escaping from Vietnam? 

The video explained how hard it was to be only 2 years old and to go sailing on a ship from a poor country to a rich, happy, nice country. He came to Australia with 39 family members and was very lucky to be saved in a wild storm.


I now understand that refugees come to foreign countrys for lots of different reasons whether its because of war in their country even if it is very risky or they must flee the country to protect their family and take them to saftey. 





100 word challenge- #5

PROMT:  Hard   beautiful   camera    brown    worried

The girl knelt down on the ground and took out her camera. She took a quick shot of the brown Labrador. She stared hard at its owner and noticed that she looked quite familiar. She was from a show about dogs. She looked even more beautiful than she did on T.V. she had a strange look on her face, she looked scared, anxious, worried. Her glum face looked nothing like to her bright, smiling face on the show. She seemed somehow different. But how? Why? Something was different. The girl had to find out.

BTN- federal

Blue= recalls                                                                                                                                  Purple= questions                                                                                                                           Pink= insights 


This video was about how the separate states become one country. It said that the two wealthiest and more populated states, like Victoria and New South Wales, eventually joined together as one and made the other states feel bad. Finally, the British let them all become one colony. The purpose of that was so we could become one whole army and fight war together as one.  We became an independent nation on the 1st of January 1901.


The video was also about federation, Australia became an independent nation on 1 January 1901 when the British Parliament passed legislation allowing the six Australian colonies to govern in their own right as part of the Commonwealth of Australia. At first, the women were not allowed to vote for their leader until 1943. Indigenous were not allowed to vote until 1962.  Why were women not allowed to vote when men were?



I now understand that the federal rules were a lot stricter then and that we now live in a fair, non- racist, non- sexist colony.  

100 word challenge- #5- but how can something be so tiny.


Prompt:      … but how can something be so tiny…

I was walking on the streets and noticed an unusual, small, gold ball on the ground. I picked it up and it was hard. It was gold. Had I just discovered real gold on the streets. It was so fascinating but how can something be so tiny yet valuable. I had a choice, to turn it into the museum or to keep it for myself. One I can benefit from and the other, not so much. It was a hard decision. Should I keep it. that would be good decision. Very good.

100 word challenge #4 for 2017


Prompt: …so that is why I am always last…


The policeman lead me towards the front desk. He asked me why I did it. I kicked him hard in the shin. Mum taught me that that was the place where people really get hurt if someone makes contact with it. I miss her. Why did they take me away from my family? Was I really that violent? We went hunting for dinner and I always chatted to much so that is why I was always last to catch anything, I scared of the food. I wanted my family, but they didn’t want me.


   Here is the link to the video:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Blue:recalls 

                                                                                                                                                  Green: questions

     Red: insights 

This video was about convicts and how they are forced to do jobs. Some of the people with jobs steal things and try to get caught. Why do the convicts want to get noticed for stealing something if that’s what brought them over to Australia anyway?


If caught, they will be put in horrible iron chins which have 5 metal rings. 4 of the rings that are the same size are used to chain up the ankles and wrists and the largest is used to chain the neck. They use these when the victim is being escorted to or is in prison.  When in chains, you cannot walk or stand up in the proper posture. Why is there a tight metal hoop around the neck because it could suffocate or kill the thief?


I now understand that convicts are still punished after the nasty boat trip they had from England to Australia.

100 word challenge- Figures around tree


As I started sketching the tree I noticed some builders heading towards me. They said to step away because they were making some changes to the tree. I came back 5 days later and I saw something strange. There were figures around the tree. They looked like they were humans but they looked like they were sinking into the ground. They inspired me to start a new drawing of the tree that included them. They looked magnificent, so unique and inspiring. I felt like I had a connection with them. They were fading away, so was my career. I adored the artwork.



100 word challenge- remarkable, however, yellow, discovered, gingerly

The girl was walking along the road. She started to run gingerly. A strange feeling was coming over her body, she felt like a blob of yellow was rising up in her body, what was that strange feeling. She felt safe and secure however she also felt a dangerous twist to it. She discovered that the feeling was happiness. She had never felt it before. How remarkable it felt. What had happened? Was it something that she had not noticed? Was there something no one had told her? What was happening to her right now?

MPPS 5/6 camp- Cape Bridgewater Costal Camp





For camp this year we went to Cape Bridgewater costal camp. At the camp we went Surfing, Geo Caching, Snorkelling, Abseiling, Seal touring, Archery, Sand boarding, Caving and playing on the beach.  I would like to tell you about my experience when we went on camp. As soon as we arrived we went for a hike. We walked up lots of steep hills and saw seals down near rocks. The water was coral blue and very clean.


On the second day my first activity was Learning to Surf. We had an instructor who taught us. He made us go on the sand and practise paddling and standing up. We eventually got into the water I caught 9 or so waves. A lot of times a fell off the board or fell underneath the water. Surfing was a lot of fun.


We also did snorkelling which was a lot of fun and was a new experience for me. The camp owner took us out on a motor boat and took us to some rock pools that were near the seal touring company. He gave us a mask and some flippers and sent us off in some shallow water so we could get used to it. walking in flippers was not easy. We got back in the boat and went out further to sea. We went past hundreds of seals and got to go in a shark cage near them. The shark cage was to protect us from sharks and so we could hopefully make contact with some of the seals.


Our next activity was archery. We went up in an area of the camp and had 3 pieces of thick cardboard that had a target on them. We were allowed 12 shots each and I got 3 of them right. Someone in the group even got a bullseye!!!


Another activity was abseiling. We had an instructor named Ramon and he helped us walk down the cliff. He showed us how to put on our harnesses and tighten up our helmets. He then clipped us up to a rope that he was holding the end of. A helper was down the bottom and was prepared to help us off the harness and guide us back up to the top of the cliff. Abseiling was a great experience.


One of my favourite activities was sand boarding. We drove to some humongous sand dunes and got snow boards to ride down them. We could ride in partners or alone. I decided to ride in aa partnership. The first time I fell on top of my partner and we fell of the board but the second time we didn’t fall off and we came furthest out of everyone.


One of the main activities was caving. We went into caves and explored them and if we were lucky we could save frogs that had fallen through the big hole in the cave. Our I instructor was Ramon. He also taught us abseiling. He told us about how caves form and how long they have been around for.


Our final activity was Geo Caching. We had GPS’s and we had to type in codes to find our way around to the treasure box which held the mars bars. We were split into two teams (Boys against Girls) and the winner was the team which got all of the questions answered correctly. The questions were on the ear tag with the code which we typed in and it led us in the right direction to the next destination.


My favourite activities were probably surfing, sand boarding and abseiling. I think camp was a great experience for all the 5/6’s at Moonee ponds primary School.

Here are some photos of some of the activities: