BTN-First fleet + aboriginals


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These videos were about how the whits/English came to Australia. It pointed out how the aboriginals lived before the English arrived. Once the English arrived everything was different. Aboriginals started to argue with the whites about who owned the land.Eventually the aboriginals gave in and let the whites take over. That’s how we came to be here. Why did the whites come here in the first place?


One of the videos was about a aboriginal girl named Warrari. Warrari was having a normal day when she found a cow. She had never seen the strange animal before so she too it to a nearby tree where she always plays. She kept the cow a secret from her nanna not knowing that the cow belonged to the whites who had crept onto their land. Why did Warrari not tell her nanna about the cow?


The other was about the First Fleet and how the English arrived and what their trip was like. The English arrived on the 26th of January 1770. The date is now known as Australia day because that is how the whites were started here in Australia.


I now understand why the English came over here and how the aboriginals’ population shrunk.

100 word challenge- Camp- Surfing

We walked down the beach, surfboard in hand, feet sinking in the sand. We let go of the board letting it splash us with the wet, cold sand. We lay flat on a board in an uneven semicircle. The instructor was talking but everyone was staring at the calm waves. I could picture myself riding them, I could picture myself surfing. The instructor started walking towards the ocean so I thought that must have meant we should have gone to start surfing. Everyone was racing towards the coral blue water being wary of tripping over. I felt like a professional. Holding the surfboard, I felt great.


S.R.C Speech

I would like to be 5/6A’s S.R.C rep because I think that I would make a good one. I would show up to all meeting’s (unless I’m away.) I would also be very committed. I would be a good role model to the younger students and would make sure everyone is following the rules as-well as making sure they have fun.


I feel like I would be a great S.R.C because I would enjoy working with the rest of them and would be respectful, optimistic, I would show care and collaboration. I would work with other people’s skills and abilities. I would also listen to all other people’s ideas.


Part of the reason I would like to try out for it is because I have never been and S.R.C before I think it would be good to try something new. I think you should vote for me because I would be a responsible S.R.C. I would take the role seriously and sensibly. I would be a mature S.R.C. I would always try to help others and I feel like I could teach them a few things too.


I would also be willing to give up my recess/ lunch for meetings. I would be great at the public speaking at assembly. I believe, if elected, I would make a great S.R.C. I believe that I could help make the school even better than it already is. I would like to run for school captain next year and I believe that this would be a great practice and experience.


Those are the reasons why I think I would make a great 5/6 S.R.C.

BTN- Animal tourism

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A lot of Australians have favourite animals and want to experience seeing them. Unfortunately, not all of those animals live in Australia. People go over-seas to see them. Seeing them may include swimming with them, riding them or taking selfies of them. That can be fun for us but we have never thought what it would be like for the poor animals involved. Why do 

people decide to be cruel to animals by making sure that we have fun?


Animals can sometimes be kept in tiny cages or they could be drugged. People do this to make things better for them. But they have never thought what it’s like for the animals. If we want to go to another country to go and see our favourite animal, we will probably take a picture with it and post it on a type of social media. The animal is probably not okay with that. Other people are on social media and can see your posts. They will probably decide to go to that country to see that animal and will continue to hurt it. that animal will be absolutely sick of it. We may not realise it but we can be cruel to animals even if we don’t mean to. Why do people want to tell their friends that there seeing an animal and they send them a photo of it?


Some companies like TripAdvisor have announced that they would stop selling tickets to certain animal attractions because that will hopefully stop some of the animal cruelty in the world. Other companies however want to keep selling tickets to animal attractions. They say they want the tourists to learn about the animal. They also get money from selling those tickets and money is all that companies think matter.


I now understand that keeping animals out of their natural habitat is cruel and that we can hurt animals without even knowing it.

A Letter to Libby ( My teacher )


Dear Libby,

I am 10 and ¾ years old. My birthday is on the 21st of may, 2006. I have played the guitar since I was five. My grandpa bought me one on my 5th birthday and a few months later I started lessons. I do contempory dancing. This is my 2nd year of taking it. I did ballet for 3 years and jazz for one year. I like to do art sometimes as well. My grandma is an artist so whenever I go down to Frankston I like to paint and draw with her.


I am half Australian and half English. My uncle came over from England on the 2nd of January. He stayed for two weeks. On his first full day my mum, dad, sister, aunty, uncle and I went to a bunch of winery’s in the country. That was quite boring for me and my sister but we did see a lot nature and scenery. Part of the reason my uncle came over was for his big brother’s (my Dad’s) birthday.


My mum loves to garden and make sure everything is clean and in place. My dad loves to wash his car and read car magazines and do anything car related. My sister loves to help me/ annoy me and get me in trouble and I love to dance, sing, play guitar and cook.


For Christmas my aunty and uncle got me a cookie gift card. We go into a shop called Miss Biscuit. I went to a cookie decorating class where they taught us how to decorate cookies. The cookies came out of a dehydrator after iced and they looked really nice.

I was born in Melbourne. in lived in west Footscray for a year and then I moved to Frankston from West Footscray. After 8 years we moved back up to the city. In Frankston I went to a school called Kingsly Park primary.

There we had classes where there were only year fives in one class or only grade one’s in a class. We had classes where everyone was in the same year level. We also called our teacher by their last name. it was always Miss something or Mr whatever.


I hope you enjoyed learning about me.

From Lucy

Safety internet day

Safe webinar

Today is safety internet day. To learn about safety internet day we did a school webinar all across Victoria. The webinar reached 128 countries celebrating safety internet day.

The webinar we learnt about social media, privacy and personal details. We learnt that you should always make sure you are not putting out personal info on your social media.

We also learnt that when your famous you could get rich and you could meet your biggest heroes although you still have to be safe especially on line. You could get notice every time you walk to the shops or going to school / park.

We also learnt that there are a few websites that can help us with these problems like and e-safety website. Both gives you advice about cyber bullying.

An example of this is lolly Jam. A kid thought it would be a great idea to enter, although she had to put an application in of her making her lolly creation. She thought it was great that her video reached over 900 views but her dad told her once she was famous there was no more privacy. So that meant that or anyone could put anything about her on. Then she started to realise it wasn’t cool to be famous because people stole her privacy and identity as well as having embarrassing nasty comments posted about her. Someone posted a really nasty comment about her saying that she ugly and that her sugary creation was garbage. She had no idea what to do. We thought that she could have told a trusted adult or ignore the comment.

We also have a privilege to have rights on the web such as feeling safe and secure to be different and to have privacy.