September 14


Here is a video with my best friend Eloise, my sister Bella and her friends Erika and Charlotte. (I did get their permission to post this.)

Bella: Please watch this video to learn about cybersafety

Erika: If you watch this video you will learn about posting online, giving away personal info and fake indentities

Charlotte: Watching this video will give you knowledge about cybersafety.

click here to watch video: Untitled 48-1xht6nm

September 14

SHADE- My story


Just like that, she was gone. Screaming for help, her hands becoming sweaty from holding onto the metal bars. She was on her knees begging for mercy. Nothing can change what happened. Murdering someone because they betrayed your trust is not right. Mary Damedon was the village sweetheart. She was a lovely old lady with a kind soul. She always went into her house at 7pm and came out 12 hours later like everyone else. This particular morning, Ms. Damedon did not come out of her house at the usual time. Everyone went inside her house to discover drops of blood that lead to her bed which was covered by the cold, dead body of Mary Damedon. She was gone. Forever. There was joy on Margret’s face. She never really liked Mary. Everyone in town knew that. Not much later Margret was arrested as the suspected killer of Mary. Margret didn’t do it, she knew that. But everyone thought it had to be Margret, who else would murder a sweet old lady?


There were police cars parked outside Ms. Damedon’s old house. They were interviewing witnesses, sending people to jail, all the usual that police were expected to do on duty. If only Mary was still alive, the town would be full of joy. People who are murdered must have done something to the killer. People don’t just get murdered for no reason at all. It’s not like Mary to do something bad. This murder was never getting solved without Edison Gaylord. He was the top detective in all of France. He recently solved the death of a woman in her twenties. “The butler did it,” he exclaimed. He solved it in three days.


“The killer must have come in through the back door with the knife, and then went out through the front door with blood dripping from the knife. The knife was left at the front door on the seat making this a very easy murder to solve. We just have to identify the fingerprints on the knife and find a match,” he Explained. The French had no clue what he was saying.


“Le tueur doit être entré par la porte de derrière avec le couteau et est ensuite sorti par la porte d’entrée avec le sang dégouttant du couteau. Le couteau a été laissé(quitté) à la porte d’entrée sur la place(le siège) ceci faisant un meurtre très facile pour résoudre. Nous devons juste identifier les empreintes digitales sur le couteau et trouver un match (une allumette),” he repeated in French.

Edison’s first task was to teach them English.  He picked up the knife and made a dramatic exit. He was pretty full of himself and very, very rich but he did have an idea of who Mary’s killer was and we will soon find out…


Marjorie, Mary’s sister, was in tears. “She was only 70,” Marjorie wept. You could tell she was faking. Edison always needed proof for every tiny detail of the murder. He wiped one of her tears and tasted.

“Just as I suspected,” he muttered, “it doesn’t taste salty. You aren’t really upset about your sister’s death. If anything, I’d say you feel joy inside hummm, is that right Margie.”

“No, not all,” replied Marjorie. “Mary was the closet that I had to best friends. I’m innocent.”

“No you’re not, you did it and we both know it,” said Edison accusingly.

“I didn’t, I swear on my life,” she swore.

“Fine. Then your life shall come to an end in jail because of lack of food,” said Edison whilst putting handcuffs around her hands.

Edison felt proud. Another murder solved in only a day. What if he had suspected the wrong person? What if he had not solved the murder. What was going to happen if the killer keeps murdering????


In jail, Marjorie was not happy. Her twin sister had been killed and she had been accused murder for a murder she hadn’t even known about. How did that add up??? Edison obviously hadn’t done his job and everyone knew that. Who was Mary’s murderer….

To be continued….

September 12

100wc- term3 week 9

Prompt: So what lies ahead of…
Crowds cheer, players bat. Most fierce ball game of the season. How much I wish the ball would be hit to me. I would catch a foul ball. I could keep it too. There is a 1 in 1000,000 of me catching it. my favourite batter was up. First bat.. FOUL. Second bat… STRIKE. Third bat… it was hurdling toward my side of the stadium. It was heading right for me. I reached out my gloved hand ready to catch it. kt was pretty high. At my head level actually. So what lies ahead of…
I got hit in the head.

September 11

link to video:!/media/1568044/let-the-electricity-flow

red= recalls

blue= questions

green= understandings


 This video was about electricity. Steven Grey was the man who invented the closest thing to electricity. Back then he made the very first wooden frame and he lay on the swing revealed inside. He then turned a cylinder on the ground next to him and he turned it letting some gold leaves or feathers underneath him fly if he put his hand out above them.

Why does it have to be gold leaves and not ordinary leaves?

What would have made Steven think about inventing the wooden frame better yet electricity?

I now understand why electricity was invented and how and who invented it.

September 4

100wc- week #7


As the noise followed me I felt scared and worried. There was nothing scarier than being chased by a big monster. It had 3 eyes and was the size of a big tree. I was running to my absolute limit. On the bright side I had discovered monsters. That’s a great story to tell. I probably won’t get to tell because after this I’ll be, well, DEADLLL I couldn’t bear it. I gave up, I would never have beaten him. No one can. I was never seen again. All that was left was one of my sneakers and two monster footprints.

August 28

100wc- then suddenly it went dark-

I am scared of the dark. I can’t stand the dark. If I am in the dark I feel like I am having a heart attack. Yesterday I was doing my homework when suddenly it went dark. I mean the whole city’s power went out. I felt something grab me by the shoulder but that was it. The end. I was gone, nowhere to be found. My body rotting away in the sewers. A search party looking for me for years. I’m the first story on the news.

August 21

100wc- term 3 week 6- it came rusing towards us

Being a cave searcher was one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. It meant risking your life to find non- existing famous discoveries. At least that’s what everyone thinks. Me and my group of cave searchers are not afraid of anything, at least, we thought we weren’t…

We were walking through the most un-sturdy cave in Australia. We thought we were safe, we were daredevils. All of a sudden it came rushing towards us. The end of our lives. We were smashed by the roof of the cave. That was when I realised I was stupid to have picked this job. Why???

August 17

100wc- term 3 week 5


“A new species has recently been found and marine- biologists believe it to be the strangest animal ever to swim the seven seas!” said the news reporter. “The ‘laughing seal’ is known to laugh when it feels it’s in danger or is in a funny matter. The species has got children all around the world doing the seal laugh. There is only 50 of these animals around the world so we must help protect them as we have only just discovered them and they are already an endangered species.” The news reporter had everyone nodding. Would they know it was all fake?


August 10

100 wc- week 4 term 3 prompt- scarlet watered cushion annoyed violin




She played the violin so beautifully that his eyes watered. It was such a shame that someone so talented was busking to survive. He thought it was quite annoying, he really wanted to help her. It’s so unfortunate that some people are too stubborn to take charity.

She started to pack up when he came over and invited himself on her scarlet cushion. He generously handed her an envelope. She gasped as soon as she had figured out what was in the envelope. She couldn’t accept it, could she. That would be wrong, wouldn’t it? What could she do??

August 1

100 wc- term 3 week 3



The photographer started snapping away. All the models were doing different poses, all but me. Samara was the best model out of all of us. She did the prettiest poses and the photographers all wanted pictures of her. I on the other hand didn’t move a muscle. I was too scared. I tried to strike a pose but the flash made me too nervous. I wasn’t a good model at all. I don’t even know why I applied for the teenage model course. I knew I wouldn’t be any good. I’m never any good.