100wc- How did he/she get up there?

Prompt: How did he/she get up there?

She ran onto the car, down the creek, up the hill and through the bushes. They were right up her tail threating her as she raced to her destination. She hid in an alley and they ran right past her. She swerved the opposite way and met him on the way. They ran as fast as they could, hand in hand. As soon as they got there, he climbed up to the top. She tried to follow but couldn’t. How did he get up there? They had tracked her down and pointed their weapons at her. Put your hands in the air. As she did she held a weapon of her own. She shot them all to the ground and they escaped into the night, a hefty fortune held in their relieved hands.

BTN- History of voting


Blue- Summary           Pink- Facts   

Purple-Questions    Black- Understanding


This BTN was about the history of voting. It was based around the time 1843 to now. It had facts like why women couldn’t vote, aboriginals couldn’t vote and the voting age.

  • Before 1973, you had to be 21 years old to vote in Australia
  • Women couldn’t vote in Australia until 1902
  • Aboriginals couldn’t vote until 1949 but they had to be in the army. All aboriginals could vote in 1962


  • Who invented voting?
  • How many types of voting are there?


  • I now understand the history of voting, the changes in Australian voting an the decisions that we make using voting.

BTN- Voting age


Blue- Summary        Pink-Facts

Purple-Questions       Black-Understanding


This BTN was about the age you must be before you are legally allowed to vote in Australia. In 2015, Bill shorten (Leader if Labour party) said that people aged 16-17 should be allowed to vote. He said that he trust’s them, wants them engaged and wants there opinion but many of the teenagers disagree.


  • You have to be over the age of 18 to vote
  • When some turn 18 they ignore voting and get away with not getting an input
  • 400 thousand 18-24 didn’t enrol to vote for a federal election in 2015


  • Why would Bill Shorten think that 16-17 yr olds could be trusted to make the right decision?
  • Why would 16 yr olds not be able to vote if they can learn to drive, donate blood, join the army, get their own debit card or apply for a full time job?


  • I now understand why they have a limit on the voting age, why it’s inappropriate for underage citizens to vote and why some have different opinions about the 16-17 yr olds.

100wc- Week 7


The car skidded across the ice, the tyres squeaking to a stop. A tall, blonde woman stepped out of the car, a black fur jacket draped around her shoulders. She walked over to the crime scene and examined the teacup. She muttered words in French that no one could understand. They didn’t know who did the murder. They didn’t know how it happened. All they knew is that she would soon solve it. She would soon figure out the mystery. There was one thing she knew that they didn’t. What she had said in French earlier: Je regrette de l’avoir assassin. It meant: I regret murdering him.


BTN- 3 levels of government


Blue-Summary     Purple- Questions

Pink- Facts       Black- Understanding

This BTN was about the three levels of government. The levels are Federal, state and local. Federal government takes care of the whole country and has the responsibility of defending the country, deals with trades, taxes/money and international affairs. State government takes care of a state or territory and has the responsibility of health, education and transport/roads. Local government takes care of a local suburb/city and has the responsibility of maintaining local roads, pets, garbage and buildings/permits. If all three levels require to make a decision together then federal would get its way over state and state would get its way over local.


  • The three levels all have different powers and responsibilities
  • Federal government is the main government in the country
  • In Australia, Malcom Turnbull is in charge of federal government, for Victoria the state leader is Daniel Andrews and for Moonee ponds, Melbourne, the local leader is Bill Shorten.


  • Why do we have 3 levels and not just federal taking care of everything everywhere?
  • Why does federal get to make all final decisions and always get its way?


  • I now understand the three levels of government, how they work, what they are responsible for and why we have them.

100wc- Week 6




Prompt: But what if I was in charge?

I wish I was the kid minister. Wait, have you heard about the kid minister. If you haven’t, get ready… It all started one day in 1978 when a big debate was going on in the parliament house. Jack, an 11 yr old boy, walked into parliament house on top of another boy’s shoulders with a black cloak over the both of them. No one payed any attention to him. Everyone was arguing about who should replace the leader. Jack got up and said 7 words, ‘but what if I was in charge.’ He was then known as the kid minister and everyone obeyed him. Rumour has it that he was the best leader the country has ever had.

BTN- Federation


Blue- summary      Pink- facts

Purple- questions    Black- understandings


This BTN was about federation. It explained how all 6 states in Australia came together to become one country. Back in late 1800’s- early 1900’s each state was considered its own country. They even had their own armies. Each state had different leaders and laws but a group of men wanted to change that. One of the men, Henry Parks, made a famous speech about federation- the push to unite the colonies as a single country. The state’s leaders agreed and they got to work. There were a few issues though: the richer states were afraid they’d have to share money with the poorer states, the small states were afraid they wouldn’t have a say in decisions and they couldn’t decide where the capital would be. It was soon worked out though and now Australia is one country.


  • Federation is a group of states with a central government but independence in internal affairs.
  • Australia has had 29 prime ministers since federation in 1901
  • In 1901, in Sydney’s Centennial Park the Commonwealth of Australia was proclaimed a Federation with six states (the Northern Territory and the ACT would come along a few years later).


  • Was there a vote to see if everyone is Australia wanted to be known as one country?
  • When did the group of people come up with the idea of all states coming together?


  • I now understand the history of federation in Australia and how we come to be one country.

BTN- Australia day


Blue- Summary     Pink- Facts

Purple- Questions    Black- Understandings


This BTN was on Australia day. It explained how it was celebrated differently to the two different cultures, the English/ Australians and the aboriginals. To the English/ Australians it is a day of celebration and happiness. To the aboriginals it is a day of protest and they use the day to think about lost ancestors killed by the Europeans. Australia day is the day when It started as a celebration of the arrival of the First Fleet more than 200 years ago. On January 26th 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip landed in Camp Cove at Port Jackson, which was known as cadi to the Cadigal people. There is another special occasion on the eve of Australia day and that is the Australian of the Year awards presented by the prime minister. The awards are: Australian of the year, senior citizen of the year, young Australian of the year and local heroes.


  • Australia day is loved and hated
  • People celebrate it differently
  • It is celebrated because it marks the day that the Europeans found Australia


  • When did Australia day start being celebrated?
  • Who else discovered Australia with Captain Cook



  • I now understand the meaning of Australia day and that not all Australians celebrate the day.

100wc- Term 1 Week 5

Prompt: Ladder   Goldfish   Flew   Brown   Slowly


The ladder fell to the ground smashing a wooden bucket filled with old goldfish water. All the papers flew around the office causing all the employees to trip over each other and fall on the floor. Their boss stormed in clasping a brown book called ‘how to control anger for dummies.’ He yelled in rage as he pointed towards the exit firing everyone. Everyone slowly got up heading towards the door in an orderly fashion. The boss walked back to his office. He got on the phone with his phycologist.  “It happened again, I lost it.”

100WC- Term 1 Week 4

She was back. I could tell. Something was weird here and I’d figured it out. I thought we had got rid of her, sent her somewhere else. We built a barrier. How did she brake it? The witches were here and their leader, Maud Shadowsoul, had brought them here. They were doing all kinds of things. Locking doors on people, fast forwarding the day but worst of all… they were changing people into sticks!!! Stick people were everywhere. At the gym, eating at cafes and doing yoga at the park. I’m just glad I’m not one. Wait why are fingers made of… oh no