100W- Week 9


I stared at the cold, stone hands gripping the tight and torn rope. Arthur Songman, founder of our town. He went on quite an adventure to get here and all he had was his trusty rope. The statue commemorates him. I can’t look at it. it just reminds me of the horror I had to face that day. In our town we have to groups, the rich and the poor. They treat us like slaves , like we aren’t even human. Although he may seem like a god, Arthur started it all. Rich, adored, inspiring Arthur. All with one basic move.

100WC- Week 8

Prompt: but what colour should it be?
Purple?Blue?Green? I couldn’t decide. It wasn’t like I could draw a colour out of a hat and go with it, this was a BIG deal. You probably wouldn’t get it because you aren’t in the middle of having a sculpture built for you because you are your town ‘s hero and the artist sculpting it has no idea what art is. I’m hoping that the colour with be a distraction from the lumpy, ugly sculpture. I think I’ll go with orange. That’s it orange.

100WC Week 7

Stairs   river   pink   cooked   nervous


I remember the last text message conversation I had with my best friend. Sad is the only way to describe it. I said hi, she said bye. I wondered why and then called her. I asked her what was going on. She said she was nervous. I asked why and then she said she was at pink river, the only river in town. I walked down my stairs and cooked myself a fritter still talking to her. She eventually said bye. The line went dead. I called her again, voicemail. Again, voicmail. Again, voicmail. I knew what had happened. Pink river was known for it. It hard currents were hard to beat. My best friend has gone. Forever.

100wc- Term 3 Week 5


She hated me. She HATED me. I bet you’re wondering why. Let me tell you; Friday. My  favourite day of the week. Well not anymore. My and Ellie, we were best friends. We did everything together. We went to the ice-cream shop together, did homework together, watched T.V. together, we even read together. I hate fights. So I now hate Fridays. She just ignored all our history and in the blink of and eye ditched me. Just like that. And now I bet your wondering why she ditched me. And here’s why, no reason. I did nothing. Nothing at all. What did I do to deserve this. Nothing.

100WC- Week 4

   Prompt:…Flame   Ice   Lime   Regularly   Clock


As I stared at the clock, I couldn’t help but thinking “where is she.” She was regularly on time. I couldn’t wait any longer. I gripped the teddy bear tighter in my hand. Finally. She pulled up in the driveway.

I opened the door for her, she held the tiny flame in her hand. “Are you ready for this,” she asked.

“I sure am,” I replied and just like that, in a matter of seconds, my house was on fire. I smelt the burnt lime juice coming from the kitchen, I heard the sounds of my neighbors screaming and calling 000 saying I was an out of control child. I didn’t care. My heart was as cold as ice at that moment. I now regret it. Big time.

100wc- Term 3 Week 3


We’d been looking for ages, days in fact. Was it possible we’d found it or were we just hallucinating? I reached out to touch it, it was solid, real. “Guy’s, I’ve found,” I screamed at the top of my lungs. I couldn’t believe we were really doing this, I mean I’ve heard of runaway’s but this was extreme. We had been looking forward to the portal for years now. It was actually happening now. A group of 16-year-olds escaping the earth. I can’t believe I’m saying this but space here we come.

Btn- Term 2 Week 9

Blue- Summary       Pink- Facts

Purple- Questions        Black- Understanding


This BTN was about how to cope in a natural disaster. They had 2 families put in a fake disaster and would see if they prepared correctly. The first family was in the scenario of a bushfire. They were off to a rough start but came to their senses and did what was expected: tape windows, fill up bath etc.

The second family was in the situation of a cyclone. Unlike family 1, they followed instructions from the start that included taping windows, making sandbags etc.


  • In the 2nd family, the kids actually knew more than the parents
  • The 2nd family kids stopped their parents from making a bad decision
  • The first family made a huge mistake because there was a fire in the kitchen and they locked themselves in the laundry.


  • Why did they tape the windows?
  • How did the fire spread to the house?


  • I now understand how dangerous natural disasters can be and how hard it can be to know what to do that situation.

All kids should own a pet- Persuasive text

Pets. Kids. They are both bundles of joy but put them together and it will be double the fun, laughter and happiness. Many kids own pets, more than half of kids here in Australia in fact. That means less than half do not. Kids should all own pets, every kid, for the better.


Pets are just like friends. They are there whenever you need them, they love you no matter what and they comfort you when you are sad. If a kid has a fight with their friends they need to be sure that there will always be someone waiting at home to cheer them up. Only 62% of Australian kids have pets and they feel safer and better with their furry or scaly pet around. That leaves us with 38% of kids who don’t have a pet. I can’t begin to imagine how awful that would be to not have a pet. Pets are fun and loving. Kids deserve a pet.


Owning a pet can teach a kid responsibility. It can prepare them for life. Kids need to have the chance to look after something of their own. They can choose their pet for their preferred amount of looking after. When you think about, there are so many pets to choose from. Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, turtles, fish, frogs, lizards, and snakes. That’s just only to name a few. Do you or your kids want to have responsibility or be mature? Get a pet!


Pets need to be fed, taken care of, groomed and most importantly… walked or played with. Pets need exercise. If we’re talking about a fish, maybe not, a snake, walking them could be a bit dangerous, but the three most popular pets, dogs, cats, and rabbits really do need exercise to stay healthy. The weird thing is, kids need exercise too. Why not let the two do it together. Now we’re in the 21st century, we are all about technology. Sometimes kids can get a bit too excited about tech and over-use it. Getting a pet would not only benefit your dog or cat but it would benefit the kids. Get the kids of the tech and get them to play outside with the pet.


In conclusion, pets make kids feel safer, happier and turn our bad days around. Although they’re expensive, they’re worth it. So what are you doing standing here reading this, you should be down at the pet shop getting yourself a new pet.

100WC- Term 2 Week 8

Prompt: however, she couldn’t believe what she had done
It was an ordinary Tuesday morning. For Alison anyhow. For any other girl, it would have been an unbelievably extraordinary morning. Alison was the princess of Clodania. Her story of being there was quite incredible. She was part of a competition to see which lady of Clodania would win the prince’s heart. She was in the final two and unfortunately did something awful. She sabotaged the other girl’s chances by putting a whoopee cushion on her seat. The king and queen were astonished. Alison was so close to winning however, she couldn’t believe what she had done. She owned up and that was a winner for the prince, honesty. Long story short, the two lived happily ever after.

Btn- Cpae town wtaer crisis


Blue- Summary             Pink- Facts

Purple- Questions        Black- Understanding


This BTN was about a drought in a town in south Africa called Cape town. They have been experiencing any ordinary drought though. One member from each household has the opportunity to collect 50 litres of water each day in the middle of town. Now,  50 litres may sound  like a lot but it is used for toilet flushing, showers/baths, washing dishes, drinking and pet drinking.

  • For a 90 second shower, 15 litres is used
  • At one point, cape town had to lower the 50 litres per day to 25 litres
  • Cape town has been suffering in these conditions for 2 years


  • How bad has the drought gotten over the years?
  • When did the drought start and what was the first limit of water per day?


  • I now understand how bad droughts can get, how much people suffer and what awful circumstances they are in.