November 23

BTN- Coding

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This BTN was about a high school. The students spoke about coding and why they are so interested in it. They had a coding club and learnt how to make games, the coding behind your everyday apps and how to code. A lot of the students said that once you get the hang of it coding becomes quite simple. I wonder how long it would take to learn how to be really confident with coding and to consider it a career?


Once these students are happy with the games they have coded they will show it to a teacher and then get it sent to an app store. The way they make games is by simply being inspired or just doing a quick play around. The students find coding very enjoyable and want to make it their job. I want to know why the kids love coding so much and why they wanted to try it?


This video was all about coding and why people like it. I now understand that coding is not just something you quickly do on your computer in your spare time but it is something that people want to do as a career and want to make a living out of it.

September 11

link to video:!/media/1568044/let-the-electricity-flow

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 This video was about electricity. Steven Grey was the man who invented the closest thing to electricity. Back then he made the very first wooden frame and he lay on the swing revealed inside. He then turned a cylinder on the ground next to him and he turned it letting some gold leaves or feathers underneath him fly if he put his hand out above them.

Why does it have to be gold leaves and not ordinary leaves?

What would have made Steven think about inventing the wooden frame better yet electricity?

I now understand why electricity was invented and how and who invented it.

May 24

BTN- Tasmainian devils

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A few years ago BTN reported on a disease that was threatening the future of the Tasmanian devil. Since then zoos have been hard at work on special breeding programs trying to make sure the Tassie devils don’t die out. It’s a slow process but it’s getting some great results. The disease is a face tumour and it happens when Tassie devils bite each other. It doesn’t stop the animal from breathing but it stops it eating. After they are diagnosed with the tumour they have about 6 or 7 months until they must face the consequences. Death. But scientists and zoo keepers are looking to stop that from happening. If they can the Tassie devils will be of the endangered animals list. Out of ten Tassie devils haw many would have a face tumour?


Usually the mother gives birth to about 30 children but she can only feed 14. The others will die because of lack of food. That is why there are not many Tasmanian devils in the world. The devils in zoos live longer then the ones in the wild. We don’t think of Tassie devils as a poor, endangered animal. We think of it as a demon. Something that scares people easily but that’s not what it is at all. Why does the mother only have enough food and milk for 14 of her young?


I now know how important it is to pay attention to any animal in the world because they might just be endangered.

May 1

BTN- Why do we sleep?

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A lot of people ask why we sleep. Some of them have had an answer. Some have not. The reason we sleep is so we don’t exhaust ourselves. We need sleep like we need nutritious food and water. Dolphins have found a clever way to sleep and still survive as they need to breathe out of the water but ,still stay in water and not come to shore. Their discovery is to sleep with only half of their brain at a time. That way their brain can tell them to go out of the water at certain times. Unfortunately, humans can’t be like dolphins, so there really is no clear answer why we sleep. How do dolphins keep their brain awake?

There are some facts we do know though about sleep. A lot of people thought that sleep was something where our bodies aren’t doing anything, almost like we were unconscious during the night, but now we know that there’s a lot that our brain does when we’re asleep and it’s really busy working through a lot of things so that we’re prepared for the next day. So there’s a lot that we take in during the day when we’re at school we’re learning different things, we’re seeing different things so during the night one theory is that our brain is sorting through all of that information and going through and working out what’s important and then it stores that information as memories and when we wake up we can remember what we’ve learnt the day before.

It has been proven that if we don’t get enough sleep our brain struggles the next day. If we get a good nights sleep then we will be ready for the day and will easily take in information. Why does sleep effect our next day?


I now understand the importance of sleep and why we do it.

March 27

BTN= Anh Doh’s experience as a refugee from Vietnam



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 This video was about how Anh Doh, one of Australia’s favourite comedians, escaped Vietnam when he was 2 years old. Him and his family spent 5 days at sea before they arrived at Australia. He wrote a book about how his journey was and about his life story called “The Happiest Refugee.” Whilst on the trip over there were two pirate attacks. One of them threatened to throw one of Anh’s siblings off the boat and into the ocean. After 5 days at sea, a German ship came to the rescue and carried the Doh’s to safety. As soon as they arrived at Australia, the family fell in love with the country. Everyone was very welcoming. Even some nuns from St Vinnies came and gave them a big bag of clothes. Why were they escaping from Vietnam? 

The video explained how hard it was to be only 2 years old and to go sailing on a ship from a poor country to a rich, happy, nice country. He came to Australia with 39 family members and was very lucky to be saved in a wild storm.


I now understand that refugees come to foreign countrys for lots of different reasons whether its because of war in their country even if it is very risky or they must flee the country to protect their family and take them to saftey. 





March 22

BTN- federal

Blue= recalls                                                                                                                                  Purple= questions                                                                                                                           Pink= insights 


This video was about how the separate states become one country. It said that the two wealthiest and more populated states, like Victoria and New South Wales, eventually joined together as one and made the other states feel bad. Finally, the British let them all become one colony. The purpose of that was so we could become one whole army and fight war together as one.  We became an independent nation on the 1st of January 1901.


The video was also about federation, Australia became an independent nation on 1 January 1901 when the British Parliament passed legislation allowing the six Australian colonies to govern in their own right as part of the Commonwealth of Australia. At first, the women were not allowed to vote for their leader until 1943. Indigenous were not allowed to vote until 1962.  Why were women not allowed to vote when men were?



I now understand that the federal rules were a lot stricter then and that we now live in a fair, non- racist, non- sexist colony.  

February 16

BTN- Animal tourism

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A lot of Australians have favourite animals and want to experience seeing them. Unfortunately, not all of those animals live in Australia. People go over-seas to see them. Seeing them may include swimming with them, riding them or taking selfies of them. That can be fun for us but we have never thought what it would be like for the poor animals involved. Why do 

people decide to be cruel to animals by making sure that we have fun?


Animals can sometimes be kept in tiny cages or they could be drugged. People do this to make things better for them. But they have never thought what it’s like for the animals. If we want to go to another country to go and see our favourite animal, we will probably take a picture with it and post it on a type of social media. The animal is probably not okay with that. Other people are on social media and can see your posts. They will probably decide to go to that country to see that animal and will continue to hurt it. that animal will be absolutely sick of it. We may not realise it but we can be cruel to animals even if we don’t mean to. Why do people want to tell their friends that there seeing an animal and they send them a photo of it?


Some companies like TripAdvisor have announced that they would stop selling tickets to certain animal attractions because that will hopefully stop some of the animal cruelty in the world. Other companies however want to keep selling tickets to animal attractions. They say they want the tourists to learn about the animal. They also get money from selling those tickets and money is all that companies think matter.


I now understand that keeping animals out of their natural habitat is cruel and that we can hurt animals without even knowing it.