BTN- Week 6


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This BTN/ Herald sun was about the mysterious crack appearing in Africa. The crack is located in the middle of the valley in Kenya. Scientists believe the crack indicates a separation of Africa. Many tourists have begun taking photos in front of the crack.

-Geologists believe the huge fault line is evidence the African continent will break apart over the next tens of millions of years.

-It became exposed for the first time after heavy rainfall in Kenya in the past month which also caused hospital walls to collapse, flooded entire neighborhoods, and closed off major highways.

-The crack is more than 15m deep and 15m wide.



-Will the crack cause any natural disasters like a volcanic eruption, earthquakes, tsunami’s etc; when it grows bigger.

-How did the crack appear and who discovered it?

-I now understand all about the strange crack in Africa, certain people’s beliefs behind it and some of the damage it has caused.

BTN- Kilauea Volcano Eruption

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In Hawaii on May 8th 2018, Kilauea volcano has caused Hawaiians running for their lives as the rock spews out lava. On the day it destroyed 26 homes. The cause of the eruption was a 6.9 magnitude earthquake on the south side of the volcano.


  • Scientists are predicting more earthquakes and eruptions for the next month.
  • Kilauea is the most active volcano out of the five on the island
  • It has been erupting constantly for 35 years but this is one of the worst eruptions so far


  • What is the biggest Kilauea explosion in the active 35 years?
  • When is the last time Kilauea erupted apart from recently?


  • I now understand that volcanoes can be a quite dangerous and can be life threatening.

BTN- Cyclone and Bushfire

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This week we did a herald sun kids instead of a BTN. It was about Australian cyclones/storms and bushfires. It focused on 2 particular events. The first one was tropical cyclone Marcus in Darwin. It destroyed homes, ripped trees out of the ground and destroyed power lines. The bushfire was in Bega showgrounds and burnt down a primary school.


  • Some of the biggest bushfires in NSW and Victoria have been believed to be caused by lightning strikes.
  • The cyclone happened in March 2018
  • Cyclone Yasi is the biggest cyclone that has come to Australia


  • What is the difference between a cyclone and a tornado?
  • What is the country that is most likely to have bushfires?


  • I now understand what a cyclone and bushfire is and some of the most serious ones that have occurred in Australia

BTN- Ring of Fire


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This BTN was about The Ring of Fire. The Ring of Fire is an arch of countries where big earthquakes happen. In 2009 September 29-30 2 of the worlds biggest earthquakes happened in two very different, far apart countries. Scientists were trying the work out whether it was a coincidence or it was connected in some way.

  • The two countries were Samoa and Sumatra and are 10 000km away from eachother
  • Some other countries in the Ring of Fire are Japan, USA, Mexico and Chile.
  • The biggest earthquake was the 1960 Valdivia earthquake(Spanish: Terremoto de Valdivia) or Great Chilean earthquake (Gran terremoto de Chile) of 22 May is the most powerful earthquake ever recorded.


  • Why are some earthquakes much worse than others?
  • How do scientists discover the reasoning behind earthquakes?


  • I now understand how bad earthquakes can actually be, some of the worst ones that have happened and why they are terrible.



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Recently in Australia we celebrated ANZAC day. ANZAC day is when we celebrate and commemorate the soldiers who fought in war against Gallipoli and sacrificed their lives for our country. This BTN was about an aboriginal boy named ANZAC. He is the 5th ANZAC in his family, named after his great, great grandfather. His great, great grandfather is the son of the hero in their family. Arthur ANZAC’s great x3 grandfather. Back when Arthur was alive aboriginal’s weren’t allowed to be apart of the army but Arthur was determined. He fought against Gallipoli and was one of the few that survived. His next war was against France. He sadly died and the family wasn’t notified until much later. 2 months ago ANZAC and his father were given Arthur’s medals that had been lost for decades.


  • Arthur was enlisted in the army in 1916
  • The date of the Gallipoli landing, the 25th of April, became known as Anzac 
  • In aboriginal culture, you must be buried once you died where you were born.


  • Why is it called ANZAC day?
  • Why is it only in Australia that we celebrate ANZAC day?


  • I now understand why ANZAC day is so important to some people, why we celebrate it and they history behind it.

BTN- Stephan Hawking


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This BTN was all about Stephen Hawking and some of his discoveries, flaws and recent death. Stephan is/was the smartest person in the world. He was known for physics and science. He mostly thought about and discovered space, black holes and how our universe started. When 21, Stephan was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease. He showed resilience and still continued with his studies and dreams.

  • He was known as the most brilliant theoretical physicist since Albert Einstein
  • He unfortunately died recently on 14th March 2018 at the age of 76
  • He has had roles in T.V. shows including the big bang theory, the simpsons and had a movie about his life made in 2014.


  • Why did the doctors doubt that he would live after he was diagnosed?
  • Did Stephan ever think when he was young that he be who he is now and how many people he has influenced?


  • I now understand how hard life must have been for Stephan, how many people he has influenced and how he will be remembered in this world.

BTN- History of voting


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This BTN was about the history of voting. It was based around the time 1843 to now. It had facts like why women couldn’t vote, aboriginals couldn’t vote and the voting age.

  • Before 1973, you had to be 21 years old to vote in Australia
  • Women couldn’t vote in Australia until 1902
  • Aboriginals couldn’t vote until 1949 but they had to be in the army. All aboriginals could vote in 1962


  • Who invented voting?
  • How many types of voting are there?


  • I now understand the history of voting, the changes in Australian voting an the decisions that we make using voting.

BTN- Voting age


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This BTN was about the age you must be before you are legally allowed to vote in Australia. In 2015, Bill shorten (Leader if Labour party) said that people aged 16-17 should be allowed to vote. He said that he trust’s them, wants them engaged and wants there opinion but many of the teenagers disagree.


  • You have to be over the age of 18 to vote
  • When some turn 18 they ignore voting and get away with not getting an input
  • 400 thousand 18-24 didn’t enrol to vote for a federal election in 2015


  • Why would Bill Shorten think that 16-17 yr olds could be trusted to make the right decision?
  • Why would 16 yr olds not be able to vote if they can learn to drive, donate blood, join the army, get their own debit card or apply for a full time job?


  • I now understand why they have a limit on the voting age, why it’s inappropriate for underage citizens to vote and why some have different opinions about the 16-17 yr olds.

BTN- 3 levels of government


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This BTN was about the three levels of government. The levels are Federal, state and local. Federal government takes care of the whole country and has the responsibility of defending the country, deals with trades, taxes/money and international affairs. State government takes care of a state or territory and has the responsibility of health, education and transport/roads. Local government takes care of a local suburb/city and has the responsibility of maintaining local roads, pets, garbage and buildings/permits. If all three levels require to make a decision together then federal would get its way over state and state would get its way over local.


  • The three levels all have different powers and responsibilities
  • Federal government is the main government in the country
  • In Australia, Malcom Turnbull is in charge of federal government, for Victoria the state leader is Daniel Andrews and for Moonee ponds, Melbourne, the local leader is Bill Shorten.


  • Why do we have 3 levels and not just federal taking care of everything everywhere?
  • Why does federal get to make all final decisions and always get its way?


  • I now understand the three levels of government, how they work, what they are responsible for and why we have them.

BTN- Federation


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This BTN was about federation. It explained how all 6 states in Australia came together to become one country. Back in late 1800’s- early 1900’s each state was considered its own country. They even had their own armies. Each state had different leaders and laws but a group of men wanted to change that. One of the men, Henry Parks, made a famous speech about federation- the push to unite the colonies as a single country. The state’s leaders agreed and they got to work. There were a few issues though: the richer states were afraid they’d have to share money with the poorer states, the small states were afraid they wouldn’t have a say in decisions and they couldn’t decide where the capital would be. It was soon worked out though and now Australia is one country.


  • Federation is a group of states with a central government but independence in internal affairs.
  • Australia has had 29 prime ministers since federation in 1901
  • In 1901, in Sydney’s Centennial Park the Commonwealth of Australia was proclaimed a Federation with six states (the Northern Territory and the ACT would come along a few years later).


  • Was there a vote to see if everyone is Australia wanted to be known as one country?
  • When did the group of people come up with the idea of all states coming together?


  • I now understand the history of federation in Australia and how we come to be one country.