May 15

100 WC- Week #14


Prompt: …I just couldn’t eat something so…


It tasted awful. I mushed it round in my mouth trying not to swallow it. It looked good but my eyes were a bit larger than my stomach. I was full. I couldn’t eat anymore. Tacos were my favourite food.Ten of them was probably not the best idea. A thought raced through my mind. I shouldn’t spit it out. That would be wrong. But I really didn’t want to eat anymore. Before I knew it I was in front of mum and dad explaining. “I just couldn’t eat something so….”

May 1

100 word challenge- #week13

PROMPT: the slime dripped through

Being a spy is tough. It has always been tough being in life- threatening missions. Every mission has been complicated yet I still completed them. But the most difficult mission is the one I’m on now. Being in a dirty creek drain is not the most pleasant of missions but who else is going to do it? it must be done. I love being a spy. I’ve always been good at it. It’s the only thing that I am good at. I started hearing strange noises. I looked up as the slime dripped through the roof. I screamed. Was it the end? “Ahhhhhh…….”

April 27

100 word challenge- week #12


It was winter. Autumn breeze turned into white snow. Humming birds turned into sparrows. Everything was changing, everything but me. I was the outcast, the loner. I fell behind. I appreciated earth. Unlike other kids. The popular kids. Everything was changing. I wasn’t prepared for it. What could I do. I appreciated every little thing about earth. I knelt to see a tiny ant rolling a strong raindrop. It was fascinating. They worked to survive. They made friends easily. They were part of a group. I wish my life was like that. If it was, I would finally be accepted.

April 18

100 word challenge #week10


“I swear; I didn’t do anything. I turned around then peered where they were and they had disappeared. I had nothing I repeat nothing to do with it.” the police were onto me. I had to prove them wrong. “let me get this straight. If I admit that I did it would you send me to jail?”

“Of course. So are you admitting it, asked the concerned police officer.

“NO!” I said immediately.

Just then we saw a young girl walk through the wall. She was the missing parents daughter. I wasn’t going to jail.YES

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March 6

100 word challenge- Figures around tree


As I started sketching the tree I noticed some builders heading towards me. They said to step away because they were making some changes to the tree. I came back 5 days later and I saw something strange. There were figures around the tree. They looked like they were humans but they looked like they were sinking into the ground. They inspired me to start a new drawing of the tree that included them. They looked magnificent, so unique and inspiring. I felt like I had a connection with them. They were fading away, so was my career. I adored the artwork.



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March 2

100 word challenge- remarkable, however, yellow, discovered, gingerly

The girl was walking along the road. She started to run gingerly. A strange feeling was coming over her body, she felt like a blob of yellow was rising up in her body, what was that strange feeling. She felt safe and secure however she also felt a dangerous twist to it. She discovered that the feeling was happiness. She had never felt it before. How remarkable it felt. What had happened? Was it something that she had not noticed? Was there something no one had told her? What was happening to her right now?

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February 27

100 word challenge- Camp- Surfing

We walked down the beach, surfboard in hand, feet sinking in the sand. We let go of the board letting it splash us with the wet, cold sand. We lay flat on a board in an uneven semicircle. The instructor was talking but everyone was staring at the calm waves. I could picture myself riding them, I could picture myself surfing. The instructor started walking towards the ocean so I thought that must have meant we should have gone to start surfing. Everyone was racing towards the coral blue water being wary of tripping over. I felt like a professional. Holding the surfboard, I felt great.


November 23

100 word challenge

100 Word Challenge

As people walked past, the statue sucked them up. The statue was pouring legs and feet. People stopped walking past because they thought it was dangerous. One day one of the legs started moving, all of them started to move. The people started climbing out, it was a miracle.

“I’m free,” yelled someone cheerfully. The statue somehow started to frown. All of its friends were gone, they had disappeared. The people were happy, the statue was sad. Why did this have to happen? How did this happen? Who let this happen? No one knew the answer to the question.

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