August 28

100wc- then suddenly it went dark-

I am scared of the dark. I can’t stand the dark. If I am in the dark I feel like I am having a heart attack. Yesterday I was doing my homework when suddenly it went dark. I mean the whole city’s power went out. I felt something grab me by the shoulder but that was it. The end. I was gone, nowhere to be found. My body rotting away in the sewers. A search party looking for me for years. I’m the first story on the news.

August 21

100wc- term 3 week 6- it came rusing towards us

Being a cave searcher was one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. It meant risking your life to find non- existing famous discoveries. At least that’s what everyone thinks. Me and my group of cave searchers are not afraid of anything, at least, we thought we weren’t…

We were walking through the most un-sturdy cave in Australia. We thought we were safe, we were daredevils. All of a sudden it came rushing towards us. The end of our lives. We were smashed by the roof of the cave. That was when I realised I was stupid to have picked this job. Why???

August 17

100wc- term 3 week 5


“A new species has recently been found and marine- biologists believe it to be the strangest animal ever to swim the seven seas!” said the news reporter. “The ‘laughing seal’ is known to laugh when it feels it’s in danger or is in a funny matter. The species has got children all around the world doing the seal laugh. There is only 50 of these animals around the world so we must help protect them as we have only just discovered them and they are already an endangered species.” The news reporter had everyone nodding. Would they know it was all fake?


August 10

100 wc- week 4 term 3 prompt- scarlet watered cushion annoyed violin




She played the violin so beautifully that his eyes watered. It was such a shame that someone so talented was busking to survive. He thought it was quite annoying, he really wanted to help her. It’s so unfortunate that some people are too stubborn to take charity.

She started to pack up when he came over and invited himself on her scarlet cushion. He generously handed her an envelope. She gasped as soon as she had figured out what was in the envelope. She couldn’t accept it, could she. That would be wrong, wouldn’t it? What could she do??

August 1

100 wc- term 3 week 3



The photographer started snapping away. All the models were doing different poses, all but me. Samara was the best model out of all of us. She did the prettiest poses and the photographers all wanted pictures of her. I on the other hand didn’t move a muscle. I was too scared. I tried to strike a pose but the flash made me too nervous. I wasn’t a good model at all. I don’t even know why I applied for the teenage model course. I knew I wouldn’t be any good. I’m never any good.







July 27

…when all of a sudden- 100 wc term 3 week 2


Mckenzie was visiting Luna park. She had fairy floss in her hand and was in line for the roller coaster.

“Next,” yelled the roller coaster worker. Mckenzie made her way up on the roller coaster when all of a sudden the worker stopped her.

“No food on the ride,” said the worker. Mckenzie quickly scoffed down her fairy floss and, before she knew it, was on the roller coaster. She suddenly felt really sick and wished she hadn’t eaten that fairy floss before the ride. Up and down and up and down. It kept going in all different directions. Oh no.

July 18

100 word challenge- term 3 week 1



They sprung of the carousel like they’d meant to do it for centuries. As they galloped off into the sunset. One zoomed back it galloped around the carousel and went into the direction of the forest. All of the children laughed, cheered, cried. There were mixed emotions in the crowd. Security quickly came rushing in the direction the horses went. I wanted to tell them what had happened Isabel told me not to tell. She went inside the control centre and clicked the release button. She quickly hopped on one and rode of into the sunset on the back of Caramel.  As she left she yelled ‘ we’re free.’

May 24

100 wc- week#16

This weeks prompt: fast supper Gloucester cathedral

“Here you are,” said the waitress handing over a scrumptious burger with fries. It almost looked too good to eat. Almost. I took a quick picture of it first and then started to dig in. This restaurant had BAD reviews. I couldn’t believe it. I peered over to the exit and there were police officers there. I could hear people complaining about their food being stolen. I turned back to my burger. It had vanished. All could see were two hands in the wall holding a burger… my burger. The mystery was solved, but not over.

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May 15

100 WC- Week #14


Prompt: …I just couldn’t eat something so…


It tasted awful. I mushed it round in my mouth trying not to swallow it. It looked good but my eyes were a bit larger than my stomach. I was full. I couldn’t eat anymore. Tacos were my favourite food.Ten of them was probably not the best idea. A thought raced through my mind. I shouldn’t spit it out. That would be wrong. But I really didn’t want to eat anymore. Before I knew it I was in front of mum and dad explaining. “I just couldn’t eat something so….”

May 1

100 word challenge- #week13

PROMPT: the slime dripped through

Being a spy is tough. It has always been tough being in life- threatening missions. Every mission has been complicated yet I still completed them. But the most difficult mission is the one I’m on now. Being in a dirty creek drain is not the most pleasant of missions but who else is going to do it? it must be done. I love being a spy. I’ve always been good at it. It’s the only thing that I am good at. I started hearing strange noises. I looked up as the slime dripped through the roof. I screamed. Was it the end? “Ahhhhhh…….”