100WC- Week 6


Prompt: but I didn’t understand the instructions
It was here. The big brown parcel sat in front of me with my name in careful calligraphy. I stared at it for ages until finally, I decided to open it. I tore the wrapping apart and then I saw it, the biggest lego box in the world from my friend. She face- timed me the week after the parcel arrived and I showed her what I had done.
“What did you do,” she asked.
“Made the lego,” I responded.
“But you did it wrong,”
“I didn’t understand the instructions,” said. And that was it, she hung up on me.

100WC- Term 2 Week 5

Prompt: Can you invent a magical animal that could live in a magical place and tell us all about them?

“Her long legs paraded around town like a policeman taking care of the jail cells. Everyone always gazed at her beautiful, majestic body and long, shining horn. She was the leader of the unicorns up in the clouds. All obeyed her, all adored her and all loved her.” The funeral director sobbed as he said this, as well as everyone else. A black and white photo was placed on the horse shaped coffin with the extra edition of a horn hole cut into it. The land was gloomy and dark without her. “She will be sadly missed,” said the funeral director. A glow came from the coffin and the lid opened. Could it be possible?…

100WC- Term 2 Week 4

Prompt: ‘When did you arrive,’ I asked.

‘I came as soon as I could,’ I puffed.

‘Great,’ said my tutor. ‘Are you ready.’ She opened a glass cabinet and pulled out a thin, grey shoe box. She carefully lifted off the lid. Inside was the fluffiest, smallest, cutest creature in the world. I gazed at it in awe. It was incredible, unusual, it was crazy.

“Are we supposed to even have this,” I questioned.

“ No,” she replied. She handed me box and opened her front door, a suitcase in hand.

“That’s why I’m leaving.” She left me. She set me up. She couldn’t be trusted.

“When did you arrive,” I asked the creature. No reply. I didn’t know what to do. I hear sirens in the distance. Uh-oh!

100wc- Term 2 Week 3


She shouted frantically from the room next door. Alison ran into her mother’s room, discovering her sister drowning in her own tears. Beneath her was an unconscious mum. Alison ran down the block, through the misty paddock, to the hospital. She ran towards the lady in a crimson pantsuit. Alison gave the nurse all the information and together they ran back to Alison’s house. By the time they got there Alison’s sister was looking depressed and sad. Alison didn’t even have to hear it. She knew what had happened.

5 months later

Alison stared at her mum’s grave, dark bags under her eyes, dressed in rags.

100wc- Term 2 Week 2




“Guys, I found it,” yelled Joe. All 4 came hurdling towards him.

“Are you sure this is it,” Suzy asked. “It doesn’t look real.”

“Of course it’s real, look at the markings,” corrected Joe. They had been looking for hours to find the legs statue, and finally, they’d found it. Penny felt the intricate codes with her thumb, covered with dirt from looking so much. Harry translated them from differnt symbols to ‘the gold is found somewhere old.’

“Somewhere old,” repeated Joe.

“Yup,” said Penny. “Looks like that journey’s over, but this ones just started.”

100wc- Term 2 Week 1-

Prompt: Although he searched fast, he wasn’t making enough progress.

They cut the chain and paraded through the metal roller doors. As he slowly walked in they kneeled before his security and himself. He spoke very loudly, deeply and demanding. His words were clear, ‘get me the crate of gold or be-headed you shall be.’ It was every man for themselves. One young, teenage boy, Joe, was the slowest of them all. He had only looked at 3 crates. Although he searched quickly he was still not making enough progress. The sirens went off that moment. Everyone ran around the place unsure of what to do. Then Joe realised. Where had he gone. He’d left them, he’d only thought of himself.

100wc- How did he/she get up there?

Prompt: How did he/she get up there?

She ran onto the car, down the creek, up the hill and through the bushes. They were right up her tail threating her as she raced to her destination. She hid in an alley and they ran right past her. She swerved the opposite way and met him on the way. They ran as fast as they could, hand in hand. As soon as they got there, he climbed up to the top. She tried to follow but couldn’t. How did he get up there? They had tracked her down and pointed their weapons at her. Put your hands in the air. As she did she held a weapon of her own. She shot them all to the ground and they escaped into the night, a hefty fortune held in their relieved hands.

100wc- Week 7


The car skidded across the ice, the tyres squeaking to a stop. A tall, blonde woman stepped out of the car, a black fur jacket draped around her shoulders. She walked over to the crime scene and examined the teacup. She muttered words in French that no one could understand. They didn’t know who did the murder. They didn’t know how it happened. All they knew is that she would soon solve it. She would soon figure out the mystery. There was one thing she knew that they didn’t. What she had said in French earlier: Je regrette de l’avoir assassin. It meant: I regret murdering him.


100wc- Week 6




Prompt: But what if I was in charge?

I wish I was the kid minister. Wait, have you heard about the kid minister. If you haven’t, get ready… It all started one day in 1978 when a big debate was going on in the parliament house. Jack, an 11 yr old boy, walked into parliament house on top of another boy’s shoulders with a black cloak over the both of them. No one payed any attention to him. Everyone was arguing about who should replace the leader. Jack got up and said 7 words, ‘but what if I was in charge.’ He was then known as the kid minister and everyone obeyed him. Rumour has it that he was the best leader the country has ever had.

100wc- Term 1 Week 5

Prompt: Ladder   Goldfish   Flew   Brown   Slowly


The ladder fell to the ground smashing a wooden bucket filled with old goldfish water. All the papers flew around the office causing all the employees to trip over each other and fall on the floor. Their boss stormed in clasping a brown book called ‘how to control anger for dummies.’ He yelled in rage as he pointed towards the exit firing everyone. Everyone slowly got up heading towards the door in an orderly fashion. The boss walked back to his office. He got on the phone with his phycologist.  “It happened again, I lost it.”