100WC- Week 6 Term 4

        Prompt:     Bricks                     gorilla                     yellow                      running                      pretty

Bricks, gorillas, yellow things, running, pretty girls. These were all the things Derik Thompson was scared of. Actually scared is an understatement. He was petrified of them. Bricks could fall on you at any moment, gorillas could go crazy if they had not had their bananas, bananas are yellow, running wasted so much energy and pretty girls were just so hard to talk to. He was judged a lot for those fears. Especially yellow things. He stayed inside for one week because the sun was too bright. Derik Thompson was a coward. A big coward scared of bricks, gorillas, yellow things, running and pretty girls.

2 thoughts on “100WC- Week 6 Term 4

  1. So cleverly done Lucy. I really enjoyed reading this. I do feel a little sorry for Derik though.
    Just reread it and check your their/there/they’re and make sure you have used the correct one.

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