All kids should own a pet- Persuasive text

Pets. Kids. They are both bundles of joy but put them together and it will be double the fun, laughter and happiness. Many kids own pets, more than half of kids here in Australia in fact. That means less than half do not. Kids should all own pets, every kid, for the better.


Pets are just like friends. They are there whenever you need them, they love you no matter what and they comfort you when you are sad. If a kid has a fight with their friends they need to be sure that there will always be someone waiting at home to cheer them up. Only 62% of Australian kids have pets and they feel safer and better with their furry or scaly pet around. That leaves us with 38% of kids who don’t have a pet. I can’t begin to imagine how awful that would be to not have a pet. Pets are fun and loving. Kids deserve a pet.


Owning a pet can teach a kid responsibility. It can prepare them for life. Kids need to have the chance to look after something of their own. They can choose their pet for their preferred amount of looking after. When you think about, there are so many pets to choose from. Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, turtles, fish, frogs, lizards, and snakes. That’s just only to name a few. Do you or your kids want to have responsibility or be mature? Get a pet!


Pets need to be fed, taken care of, groomed and most importantly… walked or played with. Pets need exercise. If we’re talking about a fish, maybe not, a snake, walking them could be a bit dangerous, but the three most popular pets, dogs, cats, and rabbits really do need exercise to stay healthy. The weird thing is, kids need exercise too. Why not let the two do it together. Now we’re in the 21st century, we are all about technology. Sometimes kids can get a bit too excited about tech and over-use it. Getting a pet would not only benefit your dog or cat but it would benefit the kids. Get the kids of the tech and get them to play outside with the pet.


In conclusion, pets make kids feel safer, happier and turn our bad days around. Although they’re expensive, they’re worth it. So what are you doing standing here reading this, you should be down at the pet shop getting yourself a new pet.

2 thoughts on “All kids should own a pet- Persuasive text

  1. Hi Lucy,
    I really like his persuasive text and the reasons you used. Unfortunately (at the moment) I am one of the 38% of kids who don’t have pets, 🙁 . I can’t wait to show my parents this and maybe it will convince them to get me a puppy. Great Job!!!

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