Btn- Cpae town wtaer crisis


Blue- Summary             Pink- Facts

Purple- Questions        Black- Understanding


This BTN was about a drought in a town in south Africa called Cape town. They have been experiencing any ordinary drought though. One member from each household has the opportunity to collect 50 litres of water each day in the middle of town. Now,  50 litres may sound  like a lot but it is used for toilet flushing, showers/baths, washing dishes, drinking and pet drinking.

  • For a 90 second shower, 15 litres is used
  • At one point, cape town had to lower the 50 litres per day to 25 litres
  • Cape town has been suffering in these conditions for 2 years


  • How bad has the drought gotten over the years?
  • When did the drought start and what was the first limit of water per day?


  • I now understand how bad droughts can get, how much people suffer and what awful circumstances they are in.

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