Persuasive text- All kids should play a sport



Kids should play a sport. It’s true. Health, happiness, social lives, it all links to sport. It can be netball, soccer, swimming, anything really. The most important thing is that you or your kid should play a sport.


An average kids mind is thinking about this: 20% school, 20% upcoming events, 10% friends, 10% health, and 30% technology. Did you notice the word health? A lot of things can keep you healthy, good eating, good sleep, doctors check-ups. But one thing is what really keeps us healthy. It’s like the secret ingredient to the recipe of healthiness. It’s sport. Being active, keeping fit. They are really what matter to healthiness. Now don’t get me wrong, the other things are majorly important too but sport… it’s great!!! There is an age where it really really matters. When you’re a kid. Your habits when you’re a kid reflect on your habits when you become an adult. Stay healthy when you’re a kid, stay healthy forever.


Sport= happiness. Ask anyone, they’ll probably agree. You see when you play a team sport, you make friends and you learn things from friends. Sport is like a social experiment except you get to be healthy too. Bonus. Making friends is important for kids, playing sport is important for kids. Why not put the two together. Friends is a big step in a child’s life. Working together is a big step in a childs life. People may not realize it but sport and can change lives, it can teach us lessons we don’t think could be taught. Friends, sport, and happiness. They all matter. They all belong together.


Kids may think that playing sport means they have to play AFL or they must play basketball. What they don’t know is that there are a lot more sports than just kicking around a ball. There is soccer, netball, squash, tennis, swimming, softball, dancing, cycling. Even walking the dog around the block. To be healthy and happy, exercise.


So in conclusion, kids will not be happy nor healthy without sport in their lives. Do you want your kids to fit in , stay active and be happy? Save the kids from the doctor’s trips and have them playa sport. Do it for the kids, do it for their health.

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