BTN- Natural disasters


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This BTN  explained natural disasters in some of the poorer parts of our world. It mentioned how when the news reports a big natural disaster but when they stop reporting it doesn’t always mean it is over. In 2010 a massive flood occurred in Pakistan. It caused a lot of danger to residents. It also explained the needs to survive in one of these dangerous disasters.

  • In 2004 a tsunami hit Asia. The wave killed more than 230 thousand people.k
  • Some of the top priorities for the army/ life- savers were to save lives and rescue people who were trapped or stranded.
  • In Pakistan, more than 1.5 thousand died.u


  • What is the most dangerous natural disaster?
  • how to the people in a natural disaster cope and survive?


  • I now understand the causes and effects of a natural disaster and how badly they can damage a country.

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