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Recently in Australia we celebrated ANZAC day. ANZAC day is when we celebrate and commemorate the soldiers who fought in war against Gallipoli and sacrificed their lives for our country. This BTN was about an aboriginal boy named ANZAC. He is the 5th ANZAC in his family, named after his great, great grandfather. His great, great grandfather is the son of the hero in their family. Arthur ANZAC’s great x3 grandfather. Back when Arthur was alive aboriginal’s weren’t allowed to be apart of the army but Arthur was determined. He fought against Gallipoli and was one of the few that survived. His next war was against France. He sadly died and the family wasn’t notified until much later. 2 months ago ANZAC and his father were given Arthur’s medals that had been lost for decades.


  • Arthur was enlisted in the army in 1916
  • The date of the Gallipoli landing, the 25th of April, became known as Anzac 
  • In aboriginal culture, you must be buried once you died where you were born.


  • Why is it called ANZAC day?
  • Why is it only in Australia that we celebrate ANZAC day?


  • I now understand why ANZAC day is so important to some people, why we celebrate it and they history behind it.