100wc- Term 2 Week 1-

Prompt: Although he searched fast, he wasn’t making enough progress.

They cut the chain and paraded through the metal roller doors. As he slowly walked in they kneeled before his security and himself. He spoke very loudly, deeply and demanding. His words were clear, ‘get me the crate of gold or be-headed you shall be.’ It was every man for themselves. One young, teenage boy, Joe, was the slowest of them all. He had only looked at 3 crates. Although he searched quickly he was still not making enough progress. The sirens went off that moment. Everyone ran around the place unsure of what to do. Then Joe realised. Where had he gone. He’d left them, he’d only thought of himself.

4 thoughts on “100wc- Term 2 Week 1-

  1. Really good story Lucy. I noticed a tiny error though, ‘He words were clear’ Might want tii fix that up. Other wise really good!

  2. Hi Lucy
    The story was stunning and it was very descriptive. I did notice a little mistake but otherwise it was great.

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