BTN- Coding

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BLUE- Recalls

GREEN- Questions

RED- Understandings



This BTN was about a high school. The students spoke about coding and why they are so interested in it. They had a coding club and learnt how to make games, the coding behind your everyday apps and how to code. A lot of the students said that once you get the hang of it coding becomes quite simple. I wonder how long it would take to learn how to be really confident with coding and to consider it a career?


Once these students are happy with the games they have coded they will show it to a teacher and then get it sent to an app store. The way they make games is by simply being inspired or just doing a quick play around. The students find coding very enjoyable and want to make it their job. I want to know why the kids love coding so much and why they wanted to try it?


This video was all about coding and why people like it. I now understand that coding is not just something you quickly do on your computer in your spare time but it is something that people want to do as a career and want to make a living out of it.