100wc- term 3 week 6- it came rusing towards us

Being a cave searcher was one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. It meant risking your life to find non- existing famous discoveries. At least that’s what everyone thinks. Me and my group of cave searchers are not afraid of anything, at least, we thought we weren’t…

We were walking through the most un-sturdy cave in Australia. We thought we were safe, we were daredevils. All of a sudden it came rushing towards us. The end of our lives. We were smashed by the roof of the cave. That was when I realised I was stupid to have picked this job. Why???

2 thoughts on “100wc- term 3 week 6- it came rusing towards us

  1. In the U.K., caving (pot holing) is a hobby and rescuers going into the cave systems when people get into trouble tend to be volunteers too. As
    you are the writer, I’m guessing that you survived to tell the tale!
    I would use the term unsafe rather than ‘un-sturdy’ to denote a dangerous cave.
    Keep writing!
    Pop x

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