100 wc- term 3 week 3



The photographer started snapping away. All the models were doing different poses, all but me. Samara was the best model out of all of us. She did the prettiest poses and the photographers all wanted pictures of her. I on the other hand didn’t move a muscle. I was too scared. I tried to strike a pose but the flash made me too nervous. I wasn’t a good model at all. I don’t even know why I applied for the teenage model course. I knew I wouldn’t be any good. I’m never any good.







One thought on “100 wc- term 3 week 3

  1. Well written Lucy. You really made me feel sympathy for the main character. I wanted to go and talk to her and tell her everything would be ok. You did exactly what an author needs to do – you helped the reader connect and feel. Great writing.

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