…when all of a sudden- 100 wc term 3 week 2


Mckenzie was visiting Luna park. She had fairy floss in her hand and was in line for the roller coaster.

“Next,” yelled the roller coaster worker. Mckenzie made her way up on the roller coaster when all of a sudden the worker stopped her.

“No food on the ride,” said the worker. Mckenzie quickly scoffed down her fairy floss and, before she knew it, was on the roller coaster. She suddenly felt really sick and wished she hadn’t eaten that fairy floss before the ride. Up and down and up and down. It kept going in all different directions. Oh no.

One thought on “…when all of a sudden- 100 wc term 3 week 2

  1. Hi lucy i like the story but there are a few spelling mistakes and some of the commas are in the wrong places and some sentences didn’t quite make sense. But still really good job and i love how you did it somewhere in Australia where most people know.

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