100 word challenge- term 3 week 1



They sprung of the carousel like they’d meant to do it for centuries. As they galloped off into the sunset. One zoomed back it galloped around the carousel and went into the direction of the forest. All of the children laughed, cheered, cried. There were mixed emotions in the crowd. Security quickly came rushing in the direction the horses went. I wanted to tell them what had happened Isabel told me not to tell. She went inside the control centre and clicked the release button. She quickly hopped on one and rode of into the sunset on the back of Caramel.  As she left she yelled ‘ we’re free.’

2 thoughts on “100 word challenge- term 3 week 1

  1. Very imaginative Lucy. There’s a short story in there somewhere;
    some of the animals have been going round in circles for decades!

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