100 word challenge- Athletics day

This Athletics day I would like to run at least 300m. I would like my house to win this year. I hope that I will win at least one race. It would be great if I was in the shuttle relay with my friends.

Even though I am not that great a runner it would be a miracle if my house were the Athletics day winners. I have some pretty good runners in my house so I am feeling confident but a little bit nervous. I have been practicing but I’m not that sure that I will win a race.

100 word challenge- my personal goals

I would like to be able to improve my reading by practicing reading out loud and making sure I’m not reading too fast. I also think I should try not to read too fast so I don’t get my words mixed up. I would also like to write different types of stories instead of just writing narratives. I think I should try to write more recounts and maybe even some non-fiction texts. I think that I should try practicing my maths as well. I think that if I practice it I will get better at it.