November 20

100wc- term 4 week 7

She spent every day in a black cloak. She prayed every night for her family in heaven. Nothing would change the day that they all died. In the woods they were, looking up to the black, night sky. She closed her eyes for a while and then turned back to reality. She peered back to her family only to find them on the ground. Wolves were howling. She ran out, she couldn’t save her family. It was 20 years ago. Every 10 years she back to visit the place of her family’s nightmares. She prayed there every 10 years for her family to come back to life. One cool summer’s night she turned to stone. To this day she is considered a landmark to all those who have also lost their family in the horrific woods.


November 16

100wc- term 4 week 6

Prompt- …but where would we hide it all?…


Since I was a baby I had always wanted a puppy. They’re so cute and snuggly and the ideal family pet. Today was finally the day I got one. Technically mum and dad don’t know but they’ll find out sooner or later. The real issue was the food. How could I buy without my parents knowing? Where would I hide it all? Maybe I need think through this whole puppy idea again. I cant take on that kind of responsibility. I can’t even take on my won responsibilities. Scratch the puppy.

November 9

100wc- term 4 week 5

Going there was my worst nightmare. No one lived there, everyone was dead. 3019 was not a good year to live in. Melbourne had turned into 1999. There were cars that ran on petrol, you had to work to get money and you weren’t allowed to own a snake without a license. They were the olden days. Why couldn’t go to Sydney or Queensland. That would be better then Melbourne. As soon as I arrived is was crowded.. with ghosts. I was able to walk through everyone. It was scary. I wish I lived in 2017


November 2

Term 4- week 4


prompt: flame,  swimming,  celebrated, white, tomorrow


He had finally finished his last lap of swimming. She handed him the wet towel and they walked towards the white doors. she pushed their way through the exit as they found themselves surrounded by orange flames. They didn’t know what to do. They knew there would be no tomorrow. This day was special, it was well celebrated. Today was Halloween. The scariest day of the year. They were going to die on the scariest day of the year. All of a sudden all they could see was white. They couldn’t see each other or anything..

October 24

100wc- term 4 week 3

Goal: my goal for my 100wc this week was to show and not tell. I think I did that well.

Prompt: as the door slammed


The screaming echoed throughout the apartment. The arguing didn’t stop until midnight. As the door slammed I knew he was gone. I rushed down the empty street chasing after him but was gone. The road was empty all except for one car speeding around to the traffic lights.  He was in it. I ran onto the road. How could he leave us like that? How could he leave me like that? I jumped onto the car. He shouted so loud that I fell. I lay there, on the road. Alone.

October 17

100wc- Term 4 week 2

I stared at the water with an icy look on my face. It was the first time i’d seen it before the incident. I was swimming when all of a sudden I was pulled underwater. I don’t know what had a hold of me but I kept getting pulled in deeper and deeper. I was clueless. All of a sudden a big splash formed at the top of the blue water. Someone came to save me. I was pulled out and the boy informed me that i wa sbeing pulled by a shark.  I have now decided that won’t happen again so that’s why I’m not afraid to jump in…

October 12

100wc #term4 week 1

Prompt: Describe your most treasured item without actually giving it away

My most treasured item is short and has a big mouth. It plays basketball and loves to dance. It has two legs,two arms, one face and a body. It’s name is Bella and has lots of friends. It sometimes gets grumpy but happy in the end. It has brown eyes and a cute button nose. It sleeps at night and goes to school during the day. It just started tennis and gets over excited. She is my most treasured item and she is my little sister Bella


September 18

School captain application

Recently the grade 5’s at MPPS have presented their school captain speeches. I wasn’t shortlisted but I want to congratulate all those who did. Here is my speech:




My name is Lucy. I am 11 years old. I have been at the school for 2 years. A school role I have participated in is green team and at my old school I was an SRC member. I have also participated in Tournament of minds for 2 years.These three roles and activities have been great practice for being school captain and I learnt all of the qualities a good school leader should have. I now show those qualities and for those reasons I hope you vote for me to be 2018’s school captain. I feel that I show organisational skills a lot. I have organised 1 or 2 events like at aftercare. Being one of the oldest kids at aftercare I have been asked to put together some activities. That also shows some of my communication skills of working with younger people and older people. I feel like I can take on the responsibility of helping to organise events for the school if I become school captain. Organisation I feel is a big part of being school captain and I think that I show that quality. I love to be organised and I think that if I am school captain I will make sure everything is organised to make school a great, fun learning environment. My communication skills are strong. I am not the most confident public speaker but I really want to expand on that. I used to be really confident and I’m hoping to get that confidence back because that is a big part of being school captain. Before I have worked with people of all different ages and if I become a school captain I won’t be a stranger to speaking to strangers a different age to me. I feel like with this skill I can help promote the school. I feel that I’m definitely open to new learning experiences. I love learning new things and I feel that if I become school captain, I will need to learn some leadership skills and other skills that school captain must have. I will require to be open to new learning experiences to become the best school captain that I can be. My leadership skills have expanded the last few years I have been at MPPS. I feel that I have become a stronger leader and being a good leader is vital when it comes to being school captain. I love leading things and I think that I am confident and organised leader. If I become school captain I will make sure I am a kind, prepared leader of our school. I have lead a lot of out-of- school activities like at aftercare and some after school activities. I love to take charge and lead things but I don’t like to be a rude mean leader. I like to be a leader that looks out for everyone and makes sure everyone is included and is giving it a go or trying their best. At my old school I was an SRC member. That taught me a lot about leading a school and loads of tips about being a leader. I am a coach for SEPEP and I need leader ship skills to help lead my team to victory. Being school captain I would show commitment. I have been playing the guitar for 6 years now and I show a lot of commitment to that. Playing an instrument requires to be committed, responsible and I must be organised. I show all of these qualities and they also apply to being school captain. MPPS students deserve to have a committed school captain and with me as school captain I will make sure they get what they deserve. I have always wanted to be a school captain I would really love if that dream could come true. Being school captain would mean a lot to me so that I why I am applying and would like all of you to consider voting for me. I have now mentioned all of the strong skills that I shine in and they definitely apply to being school captain. Those are the reasons why I would like to be MPPS’s 2018 school captain. I hope you vote for me and thank you for listening to my speech.

Thank you for listening


September 18

Green team captain letter

Recently I have been allocated a role of MPPS’s 2018 green team capatin. Here is my letter that won the teachers over:


Dear classmates and teachers,

I would love to be a green team leader. I love to help with the environment and in 2016 I was a green team member. That year I learnt a lot about the environment and how we take care of it. I feel like I learnt enough to be a green team captain. If I were to be a captain I feel that I’d be best as a marketing leader. I think that I would do well with the speeches at assembly and would make sure everyone is informed about what the green team would be up to.


I am a person that really cares about the environment and I think that if I am green team captain I can help make a difference in everyone feeling that too. The environment is really important and is not getting the respect it deserves. MPPS students can do more to appreciate that. At the moment people litter and waste water. Being green team captain means trying to change that. I feel like I can take on that responsibility. I would love to be one of the people that help change the way our school treats the environment. Being a green team captain means being committed, being responsible for our school’s environment and being a responsible school leader. I feel that I would be able to take on that responsibility.

I am very responsible and organized. If there is an important job I’m on it. I am really reliable and will be very committed. Being green team captain means a lot to me and I feel that I’m right for the job.


That is why I would like to be green team captain. I am reliable, responsible and committed. I’m also very passionate about the environment.


Yours sincerely,

Lucy Brockman of class 5/6A-(Libby)

September 18

SHADE= pt2


Edison called everyone to meet him at the scene of the crime.

“This place gives me the shivers,” said Marjorie. “ Why are we even here, none of us did it.”

“Or did you,” Edison said mysteriously. “You see, two people in this very room are the murderers of Mary Damedon. Marjorie, Margret. Do have any words to defend yourselves before you are put to jail.”

“You expect that we did it,” said Margret shocked.

“You didn’t physically murder Ms. Damedon. You mentally did. You see Marjorie was having a night out with Mary. She commented on your dress and how ugly it was, didn’t she Marjorie. Then you said that her face was ugly and spilt her drink so you could have a dramatic exit. You got into Mary’s head, you knew that you would have. Just before Mary went to bed she got an unexpected call from Margret. ‘I’m coming for you,’ Margret said. Mary felt nervous and she was scared. She then committed suicide. She thought that she was saving her life by doing it but really she killed herself because of some silly prank call, am I correct?

“I don’t know what on earth your talking about,” said Margret.

“ Take them away,” said Edison.

“You’ll regret this,” screeched Marjorie.

Another murder solved, back to luxury for Edison Gaylord.

“Ring ring, ring ring,” went the phone.

“Hello,” said Edison.

“It’s my mother, she’s been…MURDERED,” weeped the lady.

Edison sighed. Another day in the life of a detective