December 6

DISASTER- My story




She woke from her slumber, her back sore from sleeping on the hard wooden floor. She returned back to her treasure map and went digging to find the treasure. She dug and dug until finally she hit something hard. She picked up the chest and jumped in her car. She had to get away from her problems. In chest she thought it held her fortune, she thought she wouldn’t have to live in her circumstances anymore. She was wrong. All of a sudden a shake in ground became louder and bigger. Buildings were toppling, glass was smashing. All of a sudden something fell on the roof of the car. She tried to escape but she was trapped…





He was just finishing up at work. He was successful as he worked in a hot chocolate shop in the snow. People enjoyed skiing but they enjoyed hot chocolate even more. He had fun serving people, he was entertaining. He had finished another great day at work. He walked home. He heard rumbling. Snow was heading toward him. He tried to run but he was too slow, he was buried in snow…





Vannessa had never gone outside. She was only 7 months old. This was her first time seeing the beautiful outdoor world. Her parents were planning to have a pie for lunch while Vannessa had her baby food. She could smell smoke, something was burning. It was her parents pie. It was on fire. She crawled over to look at the burning flames. She put her nose up against the oven. The burning sensation sent her straight to pain. She opened the oven to let out the smoke but the fire suddenly spread through the house. She was caught in the middle of it…





Tony was on his way home from school. His mum was in the front seat both of them sitting in silence. They caught in the middle of a massive storm. It was so big you didn’t know what side of the road you were driving on. The storm was getting wilder and wetter. The roads were filling up with water. Tony suddenly realised he was caught in a flood. The water was rising up against the car windows. He couldn’t get out of the car.





She was pulling on her leg but it wouldn’t budge. Flashing lights were appearing in the distance. Sirens were becoming louder and louder. She was preparing to be saved. What if they found her trunk in the back of the car? What if they put her in jail? What if they didn’t rescue her? She was stressed, very stressed. Amy didn’t know how to signal them to come to her. They were probably saving lots of other people in cars. She might not survive. The sirens were getting closer and closer to her, were they coming to save Amy?




He trying to dig himself out of the snow but he just didn’t have the strength. He was freezing and he was starting to think he wouldn’t survive. Christopher was running out of air. He could hear voices but they didn’t belong to happy people with a hot chocolate, they sounded like people who were not happy where they were. They sounded like dangerous people. Was Christopher in danger? He didn’t feel safe, was that normal? The voices were getting clearer until a foot fell right on Christopher’s face.




Her parents came rushing in but they couldn’t reach her without getting burnt. The firemen were on their way and said that they would have everything under control in a matter of time. The flames were getting larger and hotter. Vannessa still had no clue that this was a very dangerous scenario. Babies and fire don’t go well together. Vannessa started to cry and her parents knew that if she died it was all their fault. Vannessa started to get sleepier and sleepier until she finally fell asleep.



Water was starting to leak into the car. Tony was struggling to breathe. He reached to put down the window but he couldn’t reach. His mother was out of the car already, running to be welcomed to a safe home. She’d abandoned Tony. He was on his own. He had to figure out how to save himself. But how could he?




The ambulance paramedics were cutting through the car to release Amy’s leg. She had come to the point where she couldn’t feel her right leg. She was screeching in pain as they lifted out her leg. She looked at it and discovered it was covered in a thick coating of blood. She was carried into the ambulance and was greeted by her family at the hospital. She was saved. She was alive.




He was buried out of the ground and rescued. The men with the scruffy voices were actually just hikers who hated the cold. They helped Christopher up and drove him to the doctors. He suffered a minor case of frostbite. He needed hot chocolate. Christopher turned out to be okay. He was saved. He was alive.




The firemen finally came. They carried Vannessa out of the ring of fire and extinguished it. The kitchen was ruined and needed lots of renovation. Vannessa had minor injuries on her hand and her stomach though she wasn’t majorly hurt. After the smoke was fully out of her house, the firemen left them all alone in the house with some renovation business cards. Vanessa’s parents were depressed but were glad that their little baby daughter was saved. She was saved. She was alive.




Tony had an idea of what to do. He could swim to the front and try to open the door. It was the only one that wasn’t locked. He swam and swam and it felt like the water was trying to push back. He was determined. He opened the door and all the water poured out. The flood had gone down so Tony could now walk on the road. He still had a problem though. He couldn’t find his mum. He ran along the streets and down the alleys but he couldn’t find her. All of a sudden a voice sounded behind him. It was his mum. She was saved. She was alive.

December 3

Charisma Reading Reflection

Charisma is about a girl named Aislyn. She takes a drug which she could’ve chosen to take it or leave it. She took it to be popular and not be shy. If I were Aislyn I woud have left the drug as it sounds to good to be true, it would have dangerous side effects and could possibly be deadly. I would also keep in mind that this is a drug that has not been fully investigated and has a very young, new creator.

November 27

100wc- term 4 week 8

Prompt: Sandwich   Battery   Energetic   White   Hurried


I chewed slowly on my sandwich while I went over the plan for the final time. I hope it would work. First I place the battery in the energetic X-ray machine. That was sure to make him leave the hospital once and for all. My father had worked t the hospital for almost 12 years. My mum wasn’t alive and dad had late shifts so I was on my own a lot of the time. This plan would surely make him hurry out of the hospital. Once he came home I wanted him to be white in the face and so apologetic that he’ll never work again.

November 23

BTN- Coding

Here is the link to the video:

BLUE- Recalls

GREEN- Questions

RED- Understandings



This BTN was about a high school. The students spoke about coding and why they are so interested in it. They had a coding club and learnt how to make games, the coding behind your everyday apps and how to code. A lot of the students said that once you get the hang of it coding becomes quite simple. I wonder how long it would take to learn how to be really confident with coding and to consider it a career?


Once these students are happy with the games they have coded they will show it to a teacher and then get it sent to an app store. The way they make games is by simply being inspired or just doing a quick play around. The students find coding very enjoyable and want to make it their job. I want to know why the kids love coding so much and why they wanted to try it?


This video was all about coding and why people like it. I now understand that coding is not just something you quickly do on your computer in your spare time but it is something that people want to do as a career and want to make a living out of it.

November 20

100wc- term 4 week 7

She spent every day in a black cloak. She prayed every night for her family in heaven. Nothing would change the day that they all died. In the woods they were, looking up to the black, night sky. She closed her eyes for a while and then turned back to reality. She peered back to her family only to find them on the ground. Wolves were howling. She ran out, she couldn’t save her family. It was 20 years ago. Every 10 years she back to visit the place of her family’s nightmares. She prayed there every 10 years for her family to come back to life. One cool summer’s night she turned to stone. To this day she is considered a landmark to all those who have also lost their family in the horrific woods.


November 16

100wc- term 4 week 6

Prompt- …but where would we hide it all?…


Since I was a baby I had always wanted a puppy. They’re so cute and snuggly and the ideal family pet. Today was finally the day I got one. Technically mum and dad don’t know but they’ll find out sooner or later. The real issue was the food. How could I buy without my parents knowing? Where would I hide it all? Maybe I need think through this whole puppy idea again. I cant take on that kind of responsibility. I can’t even take on my won responsibilities. Scratch the puppy.

November 9

100wc- term 4 week 5

Going there was my worst nightmare. No one lived there, everyone was dead. 3019 was not a good year to live in. Melbourne had turned into 1999. There were cars that ran on petrol, you had to work to get money and you weren’t allowed to own a snake without a license. They were the olden days. Why couldn’t go to Sydney or Queensland. That would be better then Melbourne. As soon as I arrived is was crowded.. with ghosts. I was able to walk through everyone. It was scary. I wish I lived in 2017


November 2

Term 4- week 4


prompt: flame,  swimming,  celebrated, white, tomorrow


He had finally finished his last lap of swimming. She handed him the wet towel and they walked towards the white doors. she pushed their way through the exit as they found themselves surrounded by orange flames. They didn’t know what to do. They knew there would be no tomorrow. This day was special, it was well celebrated. Today was Halloween. The scariest day of the year. They were going to die on the scariest day of the year. All of a sudden all they could see was white. They couldn’t see each other or anything..

October 24

100wc- term 4 week 3

Goal: my goal for my 100wc this week was to show and not tell. I think I did that well.

Prompt: as the door slammed


The screaming echoed throughout the apartment. The arguing didn’t stop until midnight. As the door slammed I knew he was gone. I rushed down the empty street chasing after him but was gone. The road was empty all except for one car speeding around to the traffic lights.  He was in it. I ran onto the road. How could he leave us like that? How could he leave me like that? I jumped onto the car. He shouted so loud that I fell. I lay there, on the road. Alone.

October 17

100wc- Term 4 week 2

I stared at the water with an icy look on my face. It was the first time i’d seen it before the incident. I was swimming when all of a sudden I was pulled underwater. I don’t know what had a hold of me but I kept getting pulled in deeper and deeper. I was clueless. All of a sudden a big splash formed at the top of the blue water. Someone came to save me. I was pulled out and the boy informed me that i wa sbeing pulled by a shark.  I have now decided that won’t happen again so that’s why I’m not afraid to jump in…